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Discover the Future of Cloud Optimization at Google Next 23

Written by Gal Badash

Join Intel Granulate at one of the most anticipated tech events of the year, Google Next 23, taking place from August 29-31, 2023. Nestled in the heart of tech innovation, the Moscone Center in San Francisco will be buzzing with experts, tech enthusiasts, and business leaders, all converging to discover the latest in Google Cloud technology.

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Why Meet Granulate at Google Next 23?

We have some solid reasons to meet us at the event:

  • Savings on Google Cloud Costs: The digital landscape is constantly evolving. With it, the costs associated with running businesses on platforms like Google Cloud can mount up. But what if you could optimize your costs without compromising performance? We are here to showcase how Intel Granulate’s real-time application optimization can significantly reduce your GCP expenditure, regardless of the size of your workload.
  • Engage Directly with Experts: Visit us at Intel’s booth #1207. This is a golden opportunity for DevOps, Data Engineers and business leaders alike. Set up a 1:1 meeting with our GCP optimization experts to get insights tailored to your needs.
  • Live Demos: Witness firsthand how real-time application optimization works at the app level. We will offer live demos, showcasing the power of AI-driven solutions in optimizing Google Cloud Platforms.
  • Learn and Implement: Dive deep into the benefits of enhanced throughput, the joy of faster job completion, and the peace of mind with reduced response times. Your GCP bills won’t look the same once you implement our recommendations.

Join us at Booth #1207!

Intel-Granulate: Your Next Cloud Optimization Tool

For the uninitiated, Intel-Granulate is not just another tech solution – it’s a revolution in cloud optimization.

Intel-Granulate is an innovative technology that operates autonomously and continuously on the application level. What sets it apart is its AI-driven approach, delivering a holistic solution without demanding any extra development efforts or code changes from your end.

Here’s how Intel-Granulate transforms your cloud operations:

  • Identifying Application Bottlenecks: The first step to solving a problem is identifying it. Intel-Granulate is adept at pinpointing the exact areas in your application that are causing slowdowns or inefficiencies.
  • Fine-tuning Runtime Algorithms: It’s not just about identifying problems. Intel-Granulate takes proactive measures by adjusting runtime algorithms to ensure optimal performance.
  • Revamping Open-Source Libraries: Instead of you having to manually replace frameworks on open-source libraries, Intel-Granulate does it seamlessly and continuously, ensuring that your applications always run on the best and most efficient frameworks.
  • Streamlined Capacity Management: Over-capacity or under-capacity, both can hurt businesses. Our solution ensures that you’re always operating at the ideal capacity, reducing wastages and maximizing efficiency.

The result of all this? A substantial boost in throughput, a reduction in job completion time, and a minimized carbon footprint. Businesses have reported up to 45% cost reduction, making Intel Granulate an indispensable tool for any company operating on Google Cloud.

Book Your Spot Now!

The future of cloud optimization is here, and it’s waiting for you at Google Next 23. If you’re keen on exploring the potential of Intel-Granulate and want to take a deep dive with our experts, set up a 1:1 meeting with us.

This year’s Google Next is not just about attending another tech event; it’s about taking the steps towards a smarter, more efficient, and cost-effective cloud future. We look forward to seeing you there!

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