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epoll ctl
Using epoll? Might wanna think about batching epoll_ctl
I recently encountered several web-services spending more than a good deal of CPU time executing epoll system calls.
Reducing cloud costs
Covid-19. What History can Teach IT
Reducing cloud costs could be the solution to thriving and the operating system might be the best place to find that.
Granulate Raises M
$12M Raised to Improve Workload Performance and Reduce Infrastructure Costs
Granulate raised an additional $12M in efforts to provide a solution to achieve 60% compute cost reduction and improving performance.
cloud compute market
Cloud wars: a report from the frontline
Although AWS is holding onto its staggering first-mover advantage, the challengers are grabbing bigger pieces of this fast-growing pie.
alert fatigue
Don’t Be Alarmed by Alert Fatigue
Technologies are disrupting the alert fatigue disease by replacing monitoring and alerting with real-time, continuous optimization.
Wasting Money On Your Cloud
You Are Wasting Money On Your Cloud
80% of organizations are predicted to overshoot cloud IaaS budgets by 2020. It’s time to consider a new approach to cloud cost optimization.
google speed badging
How to manage Google’s Speed Badging
Granulate's continuous optimization solution increases both utilization and performance, solving the problem slow load time.
A Case of a Broken Netconsole
How a kernel bug-fix caused an incompatibility of updated network drivers in older kernel versions — and how we solved it.
Cloud Optimization
How to Prevent CI/CD from Sidetracking Optimization
High-velocity code changes are making it impossible to optimize infrastructure. But not all is lost in the battle for improved costs and...