How PicsArt cut compute costs by 28% with zero R&D efforts

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Reduced CPU Utilization
Reduced Compute Costs
Reduced Latency

Fast-growing PicsArt turned to Granulate's real-time continuous optimization solution to substantially improve QoS while lowering compute costs. Following the activation of Granulate's solution, PicsArt experienced immediate performance improvement results, reducing their compute costs by 28%.


With over 1B downloads and 150M active monthly users, PicsArt helps people all around the world unleash their creativity. PicsArt is a fast-growing company and was the 14th most downloaded app worldwide in 2019.

Granulate allowed us to completely eliminate the trade-off between improving QoS and reducing compute costs. With Granulate we reduced costs by 28% and reduced latency by 12%
Gerasim Hovhannisyan, Director of IT Infrastructure Operations

The Challenge

PicsArt’s team needed a solution that would support the company’s fast-growth by improving infrastructure performance, providing lower latency and better throughput while preventing costs from running wild.

The Results

Following the activation of Granulate’s real-time continuous optimization, PicsArt started to experience immediate performance improvements.

Following Granulate’s activation, PicsArt achieved a 15% in average latency, 10% throughput increase, and a 10% reduction in CPU utilization. The performance optimization results allow PicsArt to reduce the amount of compute resources by 28% while maintaining the same QoS as before Granulate.

The following graph shows the 15% latency reduction with Granulate (red) vs. without (yellow).

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