Continuous production 
profiling, made easy.

An open-source, continuous profiler for production – across any environment, at any scale.

How it works

  • 01.Deploy
  • 02.Investigate
  • 03.Visualize


Securely activate the agent

Deployment requires no code changes and a utilization penalty of less than 1%.

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Uncover inefficiencies

Securely activate the agent within
your clusters

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Benchmark and optimize

Gain complete visibility without SLA performance degradation

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What is continuous profiling?

Discover optimization

Production profiling is a technique that enables the analysis of code-level performance to pinpoint bottlenecks and identify areas for optimization.

Improve performance to
reduce costs

By continuously analyzing code performance across your entire environment, you can optimize the most resource-consuming parts of your code, improve application performance, and reduce costs.

Innovative enterprise 

Major tech companies, including Google and Netflix, rely on production profiling to optimize their infrastructure, reduce costs and enhance performance

Easy Deployment
Deployed in minutes cluster wide, on distributed environments such as Kubernetes, Big Data and stream processing workloads, with no code changes required.
Flexible Integration
View any environment from a system-wide perspective with our comprehensive language support.
Inter Process Communication
Languages  supported include: Clojure, Scala, C/C++, Ruby, Java, Python, JS, PHP, Go, and lots more.
Benefits of continuous profiling
Ensure Code Efficiency
Complete visibility without compromising 
SLA performance
Light Weight
Low utilization penalty of less than 1% based on eBPF technology
Held to Intel's security standards

Optimize application performance.

Save on cloud costs.