Granulate X DeveloperWeek

Achieve optimal performance at the lowest possible cost with Granulate's real-time continuous optimization.
Now introducing: gProfiler - a free open-source production code profiler.

Want to enter our Oculus Quest 2 sweepstakes*?

1. Create a free gProfiler account*
2. Complete the onboarding steps
3. Deploy your first service (or more), and you're in!

gProfiler by Granulate

* The small print: Must be a new gProfiler user | Must create an account with a valid work email address | Email address must match the one that was used to register for the event | Winner will be notified via email address provided | Sweepstakes period ends 30 days after event concludes

gProfiler Getting Started

Simple Onboarding

Deploy gProfiler with a single command line and start profiling in less than 5 minutes.

Instant Visibility

Identify issues by drilling down to the method level and investigating execution times and resource consumption.

gProfiler by Granulate
gProfiler Continuous Profiling

Continuously On

Harness the power of Continuous Profiling to gain an even deeper analysis of performance issues in all environments, all the time.

Optimization Driven

- Reduce latency and infrastructure costs by resolving bottlenecks at the code-level

- Compare different code performance across your entire stack to optimize the most relevant workloads

- Focus engineering efforts on fixing performance issue that actually move the needle

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