Built to Optimize Performance

Operating Systems were designed to be generic, generally-purposed.
However, your production infrastructure is designed for specific, repetitive tasks at high scale and performance.
Granulate enables companies to increase application performance while reducing compute costs by automatically performing low-level adaptations, creating a streamlined environment, tailoring your infrastructure to your application for full optimization.
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Kernel and Runtime Application-Driven Optimization

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Our Solution

Granulate automatically learns an application’s specific resource usage patterns and data flow to identify contended resources, bottlenecks, and prioritization opportunities.
Then, it tailors OS-level scheduling and prioritization decisions to lower costs without compromising on performance. 
This creates fast time to value, regardless of application infrastructure and previous cost-saving measures.

Your Use Case

Agnostic to any environment or architecture, our solution optimizes any workload at any scale and allows companies to handle compute workloads with up to 60% fewer servers while improving performance by up to 40% in just days and with no code changes required.

Use Case

Our Customers

Hear firsthand from the people and companies we’re proud to call our customers on how they overcame scaling challenges and achieved their cost and performance goals faster with Granulate. 

Your Next Steps

  • Run our free and open-source gProfiler on several VMs and get an upfront analysis of expected performance improvements and cost reductions. Click here to start.
  • Request a 1:1 meeting with the team to understand how Granulate can help you achieve your goals.
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