Production Profiling, Made Easy.

Continuously Identify, Understand and Improve Performance of Production Code

Continuously Profiling Production Code

gProfiler delivers instant visibility into production environments and helps teams identify performance bottlenecks that cause performance degradation and inflate costs. By analyzing code performance all the time throughout your entire environment, you can optimize the most resource-consuming parts in your code, improve application performance and reduce costs.


Install gProfiler with a single command line that doesn’t require any code changes

  • Deploy the profiler with a single command line using premade container image, and start profiling in less then 5 minutes
  • Alternatively, try our public image in AWS, Azure, and GCP or a container image in the Docker registry.

Performance Visualization

Continuously profile all of your production code down to the line of code in any environment to visualize and get the full picture.

  • Understand code issues by drilling down to the method level and investigating execution times and resource consumption
  • Low overhead allows for monitoring all the time through the entire production environment

Bottleneck Identification

Pinpoint performance issues to isolate the most resource-consuming functions and identify what is impacting your application’s performance.

  • Understand why requests took longer to execute and which ones consumed the most CPU and memory
  • Determine which methods are not performant under production load, despite appearing performant in pre-production and development environments.


Optimize performance by fixing, rolling back, or rewriting methods impacting performance. Solving such performance issues improves CPU utilization and enables reducing cluster size.

  • Reduce latency and infrastructure costs by resolving bottlenecks at the code-level
  • Compare different code performance across your entire stack to optimize the most relevant workloads
  • Focus engineering efforts fixing performance issue that actually move the needle

Key Features

Free and Open Source

Free and open-source package for community use 

Plug and play installation

Seamless installation without any code changes or efforts.

Immediate visibility

Up and running in less than 5 minutes, facilitating immediate visibility to production code.

Low Overhead

Minimal performance overhead, less than 1% utilization penalty

Continuously on

Designed to be on continuously, facilitating effective analysis of performance issues in all environments, all the time.

Wide Coverage

Native support for Java, Go, Python, Scala, Clojure, and Kotlin applications. Support for Node.js, Ruby, and PHP released soon

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