Granulate X DevOps Enterprise Summit

Leveraging automated, real-time continuous optimization, Granulate enables companies to cut infrastructure costs and improve application performance by 40-60% with no code changes or R&D efforts. 

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Built to Optimize Performance
Kernel and Runtime Application-Driven Optimization

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Guaranteed ROI, see value in just days

We truly don’t want to waste your time or money. Only pay when you SEE the performance improvements or realize your cost savings.

Improved performance by up to 40%

Granulate automatically learns an application’s specific resource usage patterns and data flow to identify contended resources, bottlenecks, and prioritization opportunities.
Then, it tailors OS-level scheduling and prioritization decisions based on application needs.


Reduced compute spend by up to 60%

Your now improved performance allows you to reduce cluster size and downsize your machines, resulting in slashed compute costs while improving quality of service.
Take a step even further and try our ROI Calculator to get a rough estimation of your potential future savings.

No R&D efforts, no code changes

… and no configuration or maintenance involved.
We already took care of all the heavy lifting, so you won’t need to do a thing.

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