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Real-Time Continuous Optimization for AWS

Granulate and AWS work together to automatically improve workload performance, reducing cloud costs by up to 60% without code changes.

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AWS and Granulate
Granulate and aws

Improve performance on AWS infrastructure, and lower cloud costs

Granulate is a new approach to optimizing workloads on AWS. After learning your specific resource utilization patterns, our solution applies application-aware optimization logic at the OS and runtime levels, enabling an immediate improvement in resource management.

By tailoring OS resource management to specific workloads, Granulate reduces cloud spend by up to 60% for AWS customers, while also improving key application performance metrics – cutting response time by 40% and boosting throughput 5x. These results require no code changes or manual work, and are delivered on top of any prior optimization solutions.

Purpose-Built for AWS


Smooth operation
out-of-the box:

Granulate works seamlessly (and without any code changes) on AWS architecture to reduce your infrastructure bill.

Take Graviton to the
next level:

Plug and play support to improve the efficiency of your Graviton compute workloads, increasing efficiency and reducing costs.

Works on all instance
type and sizes:

Brings significant performance improvement to any instance type, including spot and reserve instances.

Improve resource
management on any OS:

Native support for Amazon Linux 1, 2 and AWS Bottlerocket operating systems.

Suited to multiple uses
including big data:

See Job Completion Time on your EMR workloads take an instant dive.

Maximize cost reduction

Enables you to leverage CloudWatch metrics, and fully realize the power of your optimizations.

Effortless and effective AWS container optimization



Accelerate performance improvements of your AWS EKS, EMR and ECS clusters, with a simple deployment using a single command line, without any code changes or R&D efforts.


Gain an immediate boost by improving how pods and containers interact with OS resources, offering continuous and dynamic optimization, resulting in better performance and reduced costs.


Native Kubernetes visibility to take full advantage of optimization opportunities within your cluster.

An Optimization Solution Designed for AWS

Granulate is proud to be an Advanced Technology Partner. We work closely with AWS to optimize cloud workloads on any instance type, and via our AWS Competencies for Containers and DevOps, we offer customers on ECS and EKS industry-best performance for their applications and services, and drastically reduced cloud costs.



Granulate makes the difference for DevOps teams. Real-time continuous optimization enables DevOps to eclipse performance challenges with virtually zero effort. Our solution streamlines the performance engineering process and helps customers achieve greater infrastructure efficiency, better throughput and less latency.


Teams using containers to manage their services and applications are on the cutting edge of software administration, yet there is always room for improvement. Granulate is a solution designed for containers and optimizes services whether they’re deployed on single nodes or global clusters with hundreds of thousands of cores.

Customer Testimonial

"Within 2 weeks and without any customization whatsoever, we started to experience unbelievable performance improvement results that helped us achieve significant cost reduction"

Ariel Assaraf, CEO

"Granulate’s real-time continuous optimization is simple, frictionless and delivers great value. It’s all you’d ask for and need for performance and cost optimization"

Lior Gildar, Server Team Lead

“Even though we were skeptical at first, Granulate’s results were amazing, they helped us achieve significant cost reduction in one of our most expensive EKS services, we will now work to expand it in our entire infrastructure"

Arik Porat, Cloud & DevOps Architect

"Granulate allowed us to completely eliminate the trade-off between improving QoS and reducing compute costs. With Granulate we reduced costs by 28% and reduced latency by 12%”

Gerasim Hovhannisyan, Director of IT Infrastructure Operations

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