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Google Cloud Pricing

No upfront costs. Only pay for what you use at a per-minute granularity with simple
pay-as-you-go or discounted usage commitment pricing options.
FREE - Profiler
Production Profiling
$ 0 /mo
See what we’ve got
Optimize code performance in production with minimal overhead
Optimize bottlenecks in your code to reduce resource consumption and cloud costs
Code-level visibility for every request
Actionable insights with automatic code analysis
Real-time continuous
optimization across your
$ 0.003
Per core per hour
Everything included in the Profiler
Application-driven automated resource management optimization
Runtime level dynamic optimization
Improved performance and reduced cost
No R&D efforts on implementation
Real-time continuous
for your mission-critical
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Everything in Pro
Dedicated Customer Success
Custom Retention
Engineering-Level Support
On-prem support and guided installation

The Granulate Plan

Get started and grow with plans that scale with your success
Minimal overhead production code profiling
Resource consumption breakdown - Service, Host, Process, Runtime, Pod, Container and Path
Cluster-wide resource consumption aggregation
Enterprise-Grade Security
Unlimited User Accounts
Container Performance Metrics
Host Performance Metrics
Host and Container Maps
Application-Driven Kernel Resource Management Optimization
Runtime-Level Resource Management Optimization
Runtime Level Optimization
Technical Support Chat, Email Chat, Email, and Phone
Contracted SLA
Customer Success Package
On-prem Installation
Advanced Administrative Tools

Our solution reduces GCP compute costs therefore, we calculated our pricing to guarantee a positive return on investment.


We calculate unit processing capability per VCPU core hour, billed on a per-minute basis. We support all instance types. The larger the instance is, the more VCPU cores you will be consuming on an hourly basis. In Kubernetes-based workloads, the core consumption is calculated based on the CPU shares, the number of CPU units reserved.
Pay-as-you-go, or contact us for reserved purchase discounts or custom requirements
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