Real-time Continuous Performance Optimization

AI Powered Low Level Dynamic Adaptations

Effortless Performance Improvement

Development agility, constantly changing production environments and increasing architecture complexity have contributed to the growing performance optimization challenge. 

Granulate ensures much better performance at significantly lower costs employing continuous, seamless adaptations and optimizations of the OS and kernel to create a streamlined environment for your app.

Granulate enhances current monitoring tools, see immediate value as well as insights on the same dashboards you’re used to. 

Features Include

Thread Scheduling

Adapting to the latency breakdown when processing a request, Granulate prioritizes threads while taking into consideration each request’s processing stage.

Lockless Networking​

Lockless Networking

Granulate seamlessly employs an optimized lockless network stack enabling high network throughput and extreme parallelism on multi-core systems.


Memory Arenas

By analyzing memory usage patterns and sizes, Granulate optimizes the allocation/release of memory in the user’s application.

Connection Pooling

By maintaining a live connection pool, Granulate eliminates the connection establishment overhead without the need to make any changes in the user application. Connection Pooling is not relevant when working with user mode connection pool.

Congestion Control

Granulate autonomously crafts a unique congestion control prioritizing between connections to optimize throughput and latency adapting to the current workload and network status.

Inter-Process Communication

Inter-process communication is increasingly used in modern applications. Utilizing modern protocols and shared memory, Granulate seamlessly reduces the overhead of inter process communication drastically increasing throughput.

The Granulate Agent

The agents are the basis of Granulate's Performance optimization

Comprised of kernel and user level components, Granulate agents can be installed on any Linux server (bare-metal or VM), and support any architecture be it data-centers, multi or hybrid-cloud environments.

The agents infer from the resource usage patterns how to best adapt the machine to the load applied to it, creating a streamlined environment for the application.

Leverage existing monitoring tools

Granulate enhances current monitoring tools, see immediate value as well as insights on the same dashboards you’re used to. 

Success Stories

We achieved impressive improvements, with no time and effort. Within seconds from installation, Granulate was able to eliminate 90% of bid timeouts. We managed to reduce compute costs by 60%” 

 Amit Attias, CTO, BigaBid