Reduce Job Completion Time and Costs

Improve Processing Performance and Reduce Big Data Infrastructure Costs With Granulate

Data and analytics are everywhere as organizations become increasingly data-driven in their operations. Your big-data infrastructure is becoming a significant cost-driver. Granulate helps you improve your big-data stack performance while significantly cutting compute costs.

Compute Cost By


Processing Time By


Reduce CPU Utilization By




Autonomous Application-Driven Optimized Infrastructure

Granulate is pioneering real-time continuous optimization in dynamic cloud environments. Granulate leverages continuous OS-level adaptations, creating a streamlined environment, tailoring your infrastructure to your big-data workload. Granulate supports EMR, Dataproc, HDInsight, Cloudera, Hadoop, Spark, PySpark, and PrestoSQL and other platforms out of the box.

Technology Stack

Real Time Continuous Optimization


Plug-And-Play Deployment In Your Big-Data Environments In Less Than 5 Minutes

Start Optimizing Your Data-Lake Cost and Performance With A Single Command Line

Simple Installation

Install Granulate agents using a single command line, the rest is autonomous

Infrastructure Agnostic

Granulate supports all platforms, environments and architectures

No Code Changes

Optimization of the operating system resource management without any code changes

Zero Configuration

Fully automated, no code changes, maintenance or configuration

Quick Time To Savings

Slash the amount of resources you need by leveraging the reduced average job completion time and CPU utilization

3 Steps, One Week For 60% Cost And Performance Optimization


1 Week

Sit back and watch Granulate autonomously learn the application and specific workload


15 Minutes

Activate Granulate and be amazed, start experiencing performance improvements you didn’t think were possible.

Enterprise Grade Data-Lake Performance Optimization

Faster Job Completion Time

Reduced CPU Utilization

Lower Memory Usage

Automatic Cost Reduction Of Your Big Data Workloads



Granulate can run on any cloud based data-lake or platform

Faster Execution

Run the same jobs twice faster, delivering 50% cost reduction

Less Instances

Cut the amount of instances you need to run the same pipeline and enjoy lower costs

Data Center

Improved Capacity

Reduce TCO and increase capacity with automated performance optimization

Maximize Existing Investment

Leverage the increased capacity to reduce server turnover

Modernize For Cloud

Support future evolution with a consistent software stack that can expand into the public cloud

Trusted By Leading Brands For Their Big Data Workloads

“With Granulate, we were able to save hundreds of thousands of dollars on two of our clusters without any code changes”

Eli Zilbershtein, Platform Group Team Leader

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