Real-Time Continuous Cloud Compute Optimization

Cloud Native Autonomous, AI-driven Performance Boost

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Organizations utilize the cloud for increased flexibility and fast growth but face growing cloud bills. Granulate is engineered for cloud-native and hybrid environments – providing significant cost reduction and performance optimization without any code changes.
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Autonomous Application-Driven Optimized Infrastructure

Granulate leverages continuous optimization of the operating system resource management to significantly improve performance and increase capacity in on-premises private cloud environments.

Technology Stack

Granulate also provides out-of-the-box support for AWS Outposts, Azure Arc and Google Anthos.

Real Time Continuous Optimization

Granulate leverages continuous optimization of the operating system resource management to significantly improve performance and increase capacity in on-premises private cloud environments.

Hybrid And Multi Cloud Real Time Continuous Optimization

Purpose-built for the enterprise cloud, Granulate provides consistent infrastructure and consistent optimization across hybrid and mutli cloud environments.
Granulate’s real-time continuous optimization help organizations save money, improve performance with increased speed and agility without worrying about the underlying infrastructure or where the workloads are deployed.
Single View - Across the ecosystem , cloud, hybrid or multi-cloud environments.
Single Agent - Fully autonomous, out-of-the box support for hybrid and multi cloud environments.
Local Optimization - Contained performance optimization of each virtual server.
Auto Deployment- Seamlessly integrates with provisioning and IT automation tools across cloud and hybrid infrastructures.
Application-Driven - Granulate continuously baselines and optimizes the workload performance by adapting each machine to the load applied to maintain a streamlined environment for your application.

Plug-And-Play Support For Cloud Architectures And Environments

Comprehensive Support For All Leading Cloud Compute Workloads and Services Granulate seamlessly integrated with all leading cloud compute workloads and services.​

Slash Costs On Cloud Migrations

Whether you are changing cloud provider, modernizing your architecture or updating the technological stack, Granulate allows you to improve your workload performance and cut compute costs without R&D efforts or code refactoring.

Avoid The Lift & Shift Risk

Application-driven performance optimization that allows you to reduce the number of required machines and downsize machines sizes while migrating to cloud

Prove Cloud Migration Success

Avoid the pitfall of rising compute costs post-migration, leveraging Granulate improvement to reduce workload and machine size

Enjoy Microservices Agility And Performance

Microservices based on Kubernetes and containers provide better agility, but place a burden on performance due to additional overhead. Granulate continuously boosts performance by solving contentions and eliminating bottlenecks

Reap The Benefits Of Elastic Environments

Native support for Elastic environment, continue scaling based on existing policies with significantly less compute resources

Optimize Performance And Costs Of Existing Cloud Workloads

Go beyond legacy solutions and best practices of cost analysis, discount purchasing, saving plans and experience the new frontier of cloud performance and cost optimization: Real-Time Continuous Optimization.

Granulate performs continuous operating system resource management adaptations to squeeze the best performance of each workload.

The result is running your existing workload with better performance with significantly less servers.

Dynamic Microservices Environments

Granulate seamlessly integrates with highly dynamic microservices environments. Integrating Granulate’s agents to the IT automation process ensures the very workload and microservice you deploy is automatically optimized.
Granulate was built and designed to support auto scaling based and orchestrated environments deployed with Spot Fleet, Elastic Container Service, Elastic Kubernetes Service, Azure Kubernetes Service, Azure Container Service, Google Kubernetes Engine and any other orchestration auto scaling tools.

Technology Stack

  • Continuous automatic learning of microservices and containers with no code or image changes required
  • Autonomous performance optimizations of the operating system for the running containers or pods with zero manual efforts required.
  • Ensure applications/services are performing optimally in the context of end user experience.
  • Go beyond the native provisioning and placement optimization decisions by optimizing the pods and containers interaction with the operating systems resources.

Simple Cloud Deployment With No Maintenance Or Code Changes Required

Start Optimizing Cloud Environments In Under 5 Minutes

Easy Installation

Simple cloud installation using a single command line, the rest is completely autonomous.

Every Environment

Granulate supports all cloud native platforms and environments

No Code Changes

Real-time application driven continuous optimizations of the operating system resource management without any code changes.

No Maintenance Overhead

Fully autonomous application-driven performance optimization that requires no ongoing maintenance.

Quick Time To Value

Improved application performance and significant cost savings within days.

3 Steps, One Week For 60% Cost And Performance Optimization


Install - 15 minutes

Start a limited free trial of Granulate

Evaluate - 1 week

Sit back and watch Granulate autonomously learn the application and specific workload

Deploy - 15 minutes

Activate Granulate and be amazed, start experiencing performance improvements you didn’t think were possible.

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Introducing Granulate: The Real-time Continuous Optimization Solution
With Granulate, we were able to save hundreds of thousands of dollars on two of our clusters without any code changes
Eli Zilbershtein, Platform Group Team Leader
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