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Autonomous, Continuous Optimization for Intel Processors

Granulate is an application and workload performance optimization solution. Our product enables Intel customers to improve compute performance and reduce costs by up to 45% with no code changes or R&D efforts.

Application-Driven Resource Management Optimization for Compute Powered by Intel

Granulate’s real-time continuous optimization is a new approach to optimizing production workloads by leveraging resource usage patterns and data flow to automatically adapt runtime level resource management to better fit the application needs.

Granulate automatically learns the application’s specific resource usage patterns and data flow to identify contended resources, bottlenecks and prioritization opportunities. Granulate then optimizes prioritization decisions to improve the infrastructure’s application specific performance and enable significant cost reduction.


Superior Compute Performance - Purpose Built for Intel Processors

Granulate Intel-Agent is built for Intel’s processors, optimizing performance for servers with Intel processors, delivering differentiated value for Intel customers.
Leveraging Intel's AVX instruction set binary translation for improved performance and lower overhead.


Install Granulate agent on your workload of choice


Agent learns application data flow and processing stages


Agent optimizes resource management decisions

Success stories with Intel

"Within 2 weeks and without any customization whatsoever, we started to experience unbelievable performance improvement results that helped us achieve significant cost reduction"

Ariel Assaraf, CEO

"Granulate’s real-time continuous optimization is simple, frictionless and delivers great value. It’s all you’d ask for and need for performance and cost optimization"

Lior Gildar, Server Team Lead

“Even though we were skeptical at first, Granulate’s results were amazing, they helped us achieve significant cost reduction in one of our most expensive EKS services, we will now work to expand it in our entire infrastructure"

Arik Porat, Cloud & DevOps Architect

"Granulate allowed us to completely eliminate the trade-off between improving QoS and reducing compute costs. With Granulate we reduced costs by 28% and reduced latency by 12%”

Gerasim Hovhannisyan, Director of IT Infrastructure Operations
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