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Real-Time Continuous On-Premises Compute Optimization

Fully Automated, Application Driven Performance Boost
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Granulate: Improve On-Prem Performance and Costs

Granulate helps you get the best performance, availability, and efficiency from your existing on-premises infrastructure and applications. It’s the ideal foundation for any private cloud environment.
Reduce Cost By
Reduce Responce Time By
Increased Throughput
Code Changes

Autonomously Optimized Application-Aware Infrastructure

Granulate leverages continuous optimization of the operating system's resource management to significantly improve performance and increase capacity in on-premises private cloud environments.

Technology Stack

Granulate provides out-of-the-box support for infrastructure on AWS, Azure and GCP.

Real Time Continuous Optimization

Granulate learns your service's data flows and processing patterns and automatically optimizes runtime level resource management, achieving massive performance gains.

Native Support For Hybrid Cloud

Granulate provides consistent infrastructure and consistent optimization across private cloud, on-prem and hybrid cloud environments.
Granulate’s real-time continuous optimization helps organizations save money, improve performance with increased speed and agility without worrying about the underlying infrastructure or where the workloads are deployed.
Single View - Across the ecosystem, cloud, hybrid or multi-cloud environments.
Single Agent - Fully autonomous, out-of-the box support for hybrid and multi cloud environments.
Local Optimization - Contained performance optimization of each virtual server.
Auto Deployment - Seamlessly integrates with provisioning and IT automation tools across cloud and hybrid infrastructures.
improve agility
Application-Driven - Granulate continuously baselines and optimizes workload performance by adapting each machine to the load applied, keeping your application environment streamlined.

Drive Agility and Operational Efficiency With Granulate

cloud infrastructure

Improved Capacity Management

Optimizing each server's performance, Granulates helps release provisioned resources, reduce cluster sizes and enlarge your capacity
data center

Reduce Server Turnover

Drive better performance from the existing infrastructure
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Increase Business Agility

Application developers can focus on business needs without worrying too much about underlying infrastructure performance

Frictionless Deployment in On-Premises Environments with a Single Command Line

Start optimizing your on-premises infrastructure in less than 5 minutes.
setting up

Simple Installation

Install Granulate agent using a single command line, the rest is autonomous

Wide Coverage

Granulate supports all private cloud environments and technologies
no code changes

No Code Changes

Optimization of the operating system resource management without any code changes

Zero Maintenance

Fully automated application-driven resource management optimization

Quick Time To Value

Enjoy better application performance and increased capacity within days

3 Steps, One Week For 45% Cost And Performance Optimization


Install - 15 minutes

Start a limited free trial of Granulate

Evaluate - 1 week

Sit back and watch Granulate autonomously learn the application and specific workload

Deploy - 15 minutes

Activate Granulate and be amazed, start experiencing performance improvements you didn’t think were possible.

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See How It Works

Introducing Granulate: The Real-time Continuous Optimization Solution
With Granulate, we were able to save hundreds of thousands of dollars on two of our clusters without any code changes
Eli Zilbershtein, Platform Group Team Leader
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