Stay Competitive with Cloud Optimization for AdTech

The adTech industry is changing-and it goes way beyond the death of cookies. 2021 showed how important being responsive is, and for many in the industry, this ability is the key to pivoting with trends that never stop evolving.

In this ebook we explore how adTech companies are using cloud optimization to stay ahead of the curve.

Download it now to learn how real-time continuous optimization can address the industry’s mounting challenges, boost the performance of RTB and cut adTech cloud costs.

Stay Competitive with Cloud Optimization for AdTech


See why adTech companies like Perion choose Granulate


EKS Costs Reduction


CPU Utilization Reduction


Average Response Time Reduction

Perion was looking for a solution to solve rising costs and increase their application performance. They chose Granulate due to the seamless integration with Kubernetes based environments and the fact that it doesn’t require any code changes.

Want an optimization estimate for your adTech workloads?

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