Accelerating AdTech Applications with AWS & Intel Granulate

  • Learn how to harness optimization for faster performance for advertising technologies
  • Dive into specific AdTech scenarios, including RTB, Ad Intelligence and Retail Media Networks
  • Discover the one-two performance punch of AWS and Intel Granulate autonomous optimization

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What's Included

The State of AdTech Compute

Learn about the latest compute trends in the advertising technology industry and what's driving innovation in the ecosystem

Benefits of AWS for AdTech

Discover what AWS is offering AdTech businesses to solve their application performance needs

Optimizing RTB Applications

Explore the challenges and solutions for latency sensitive and performance-driven Real Time Bidding applications

Ad Intelligence & Measurement

Find out how to avoid data overload and hit the moving metrics target while avoiding bloated costs for these tricky data workloads

Retail Media Networks

If you're in retail, then you might have launched one of these media networks, but optimization for these projects can be a burden