Reduce Compute Costs By 60%
And Increase Throughput 5X

Effortless Performance Optimization


Seamlessly handle over 5X the throughput per machine.

60% Compute
Cost Savings

Handle significantly higher loads with less than half the machines.

40% Latency

Improve QoS by
reducing average latency by 40%.


Code Changes

Instant value with a one line installation and no code changes required.

Real-time Continuous Optimization

AI based dynamic, low level adaptations to improve performance and reduce the amount of required machines.

Granulate is able to optimize throughput, latency and cost with an AI optimization layer seamlessly adapting the OS and kernel to your app. Enjoy dramatically improved performance with zero effort. 

Technology Agnostic

Granulate’s agents can be installed on any Linux server (bare-metal or VM), and support any architecture including data-centers, multi or hybrid-cloud environments.

Granulate enhances current monitoring tools, see value as well as insights right after installation.

Granulate is the leading choice for businesses looking to improve their quality of service quickly. Proven performance improvements.