Optimize performance at the core of your application

Instantly optimize at the app-level
for improved CPU utilization, job completion time, and latency.

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Fast track your optimization 
to reduce your compute costs

Fast & secure deployment

Enterprise-ready to support your scale, security, and processes in less than 2 weeks

Proactive dynamic optimization

Autonomous and continuous so your environment is constantly operating at
peak performance

No code changes

Deployment requires a
single init script and minimal engineering efforts, ensuring your code stays intact

They got to the core of their applications

Big Data AWS Python
30,000 kg
Annual Carbon Reduction
45 %
Reduced AWS Costs
44.5 %
Faster Job Completion Time
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Java GCP Kubernetes
25 %
20 %
25 %
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AWS Kubernetes
25 %
21 %
29 %
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Big Data GCP Spark
15 %
75 %
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Python GCP
35 %
Cost Reduction
58 %
Latency Reduction
35 %
Throughput Increase
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What is app-level optimization?


Without Intel Granulate

stay at the periphery

Other cloud solutions optimize on the periphery of your app but stay clear of improving performance within the app itself.


With Intel Granulate

go to the core of your application

By autonomously optimizing the runtime, your application performance improves at the core, leading to more efficient infrastructure, reduced CPU utilization, and lower compute costs.

Get more at the core of your application

Improve performance

Activate Intel Granulate and immediately see improvements for throughput, response time, latency and other performance KPIs to reliably meet your SLAs and offer a stable, resilient and secure application.

Reduce compute costs

When running at peak performance, your application reduces CPU utilization and memory, leading to a minimized carbon footprint and up to 45% cost reduction.

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How can Intel Granulate improve your application performance?

  • Cloud
  • On-Prem and Hybrid
  • Kubernetes
  • Big Data
  • Databricks


Cloud optimization

See how autonomous cloud optimization is enabling cloud-native businesses to scale their infrastructure with improved performance and lower costs.

DevOps teams are able to reduce costs and improve performance with autonomous optimization.

Learn more

On-Prem and Hybrid

On-prem and hybrid optimization

See how autonomous on-prem and hybrid optimization is enabling Enterprise businesses to optimize their applications without compromising security.

Get the best performance, availability, and efficiency from your existing on-premises infrastructure and applications

Learn more


Kubernetes optimization

See how autonomous Kubernetes optimization is enabling containerized environments to lower costs with autonomous, continuous workload and pod rightsizing.

Reduce costs with capacity optimization by continuously orchestrating Kubernetes resources to fit the actual usage

Learn more

Big Data

Big Data optimization

See how autonomous Big Data optimization enables data engineering teams to reduce processing time and increase pipeline throughput.

Reduce processing costs and optimize performance to complete more jobs in less time

Learn more


Databricks optimization

See how autonomous Databricks optimization continuously optimizes large-scale workloads for improved data processing performance and reduced costs.

Continuously adapt resources and runtime environments to application workload patterns to reduce DBUs

Learn more

“Granulate went above and beyond, achieving 58% average reduction in response time. It never occurred to us that we might improve performance so much that reducing cost was an option. But we were able to leverage these results into a cost reduction of 35%!"

Caleb Geene

Sr. Manager,Site Reliability Engineering

"At first, we deployed Granulate’s agent on one of our heaviest server - the machine learning server. After one week, we saw 20% decrease in instances count within the same latency. Results were immediate with one day of DevOps hours. So with Granulate we were able to achieve substantial cost reduction across our entire online ad serving stack with in 2 weeks of deployment."

Gil Shoshan

Sr. Software Developer

"In less than a week, Granulate was able to improve our CPU utilization by 26% that ultimately led to more than 17% cost reduction on EC2. We liked that Granulate did not require any additional engineering efforts or resources. As we can continue to grow, we are looking forward to using granulate for further optimization of our resources and cost."

Zhibek Elemanova

Sr. Operations Engineer

"After implementing Granulate, we saw 50% memory reduction and 20% CPU reduction, which eventually translated to an 18% cost reduction as well. Looking into the future, we started with just optimizing one app. We started with one cluster on one region and then went on to install it on all the different regions. Looking forward, we’re going to install Granulate on the other apps that we have."

Uri Harduf

DevOps Group Manager

Learn more about app-level optimization

Granulate Raises $12M

$12M Raised to Improve Workload Performance and Reduce Infrastructure Costs

Joining forces with Insight Partners on our Series A which we will leverage to expand to new markets, reach more organizations and grow our incredible team.

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