Real-Time Continuous Optimization.
Improve Performance. Reduce Compute Costs.

Granulate provides unprecedented workload
performance with the lowest possible costs at scale

Our Customers Achieve Improved Workload Performance At Lower Costs

Granulate helps organizations optimize infrastructure performance and costs through AI driven dynamic and continuous OS-level adaptations.

Lower Costs

60% Compute Cost Savings

Support the workload
with fewer machines

Better Performance

40% Response
Time Reduction​
5X More

Improve Quality of Service by reducing response time

Handle more load
on each machine

No R&D Efforts

0 Code Changes

Get better performance
without any R&D efforts

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Reduced Compute Costs


Reduced Latency


Reduced CPU Utilization

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Reduced Cloud Compute Cost


Less Bid Timeouts


Reduced p95 Latency


Technology Partners

Seamless Performance Optimization

Infrastructure Adapted to Your Application

Operating systems were designed to be generic, sacrificing efficiency and performance for interactiveness and fairness. However, modern applications are built to perform specific and repetitive, not broad and varied, tasks. Granulate seamlessly adapts the server to focus on the specific needs of your application.

Automated Continuous Improvements

Granulate automatically analyzes changes in application resource usage patterns and dataflow to infer how to continuously adapt the machine to the load applied to maintain a streamlined environment for your application.

Optimizations That Easily Scale

Each of Granulate’s agents is self-contained and performs automated optimizations. The agent can be easily installed on any Linux server at any scale, regardless of infrastructure architecture.

Frictionless Installation With 0 Code Changes

Easy Installation

Granulate’s agent is installed by a
single command line.

Quick Value

The solution delivers cost savings
and improved response time in days.

Same Code. Same Infrastructure.

Granulate supports all architectures:
public, private, multi, or hybrid-cloud.

Every Workload

The solution supports all environments:
VMs, Containers, K8s.

Your Infrastructure, Your Tools, Your Language

Work with leading platforms
Run on any environment
Continue using the tools you want

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