The Comprehensive Guide to

AWS Cost Optimization

  • Learn proven cost reduction strategies for ECS, EC2, EKS and EMR
  • Discover how to optimize ECS and EC2 for Performance and Cost Efficiency
  • Read the 5 strategies that AWS users are applying to Big Data workloads to mitigate costs

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What's Included

Executive Summary

Catch up on the latest trends in AWS usage and the issues that are moving the industry to new innovative solutions

AWS Cost Management 101

Read our 7 strategies for reducing AWS costs, that can be applied immediately without adding new tech to your cloud stack

Optimizing ECS and EC2 Performance

Discover the 5 strategies to reduce EC2 costs and how Granulate customer Sharethrough saved over 17% on those expenses

Kubernetes (EKS) Optimization

Prepare for the challenges in EKS management, including a constantly changing environment, deployment complexity, and siloed teams with conflicting priorities.

Big Data Optimization (EMR)

Amazon Elastic MapReduce (EMR) enables easier processing for Big Data, but costs can quickly become bloated, so read up on these best practices.