Optimizing Databricks from Migration to Mastery, featuring Deloitte

  • Databricks optimization journey: migration, adoption and maturity
  • Best practices for improving Databricks performance and cutting costs
  • Full-stack FinOps for Big Data workloads: CloudBilling 360 by Deloitte and Intel Granulate

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What will you learn?

Get the Big Picture of Big Data

Hear from Deloitte and Intel experts about the trends driving demand for FinOps solutions for data platforms in 2024.

Learn from Intel’s success stories

Find out how Intel IT used autonomous optimization to reduce data costs on both Cloudera and Databricks.

Explore Databricks best practices

Avi shares his 7 steps to Databricks optimization and explores the benefits of C++ engines and the future of SQL.

Benefits of Deloitte CloudBilling 360 and Intel Granulate

Discover the Full Stack FinOps solution and how Intel Granulate integrates into the one stop shop platform.