The State of Cloud Optimization 2024

Most organizations still don’t have a team dedicated for workload optimization. We surveyed more than 400 DevOps, Data Engineering and IT leaders worldwide to uncover how organizations optimize in the cloud.

  • Discover 2024 cloud optimization strategies and the challenges companies are facing
  • Which workloads are most expensive vs most challenging to optimize

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What will you learn?

40% are not satisfied with optimization efforts

Organizations that spend over $500k monthly on cloud expenses rate themselves about 18% higher than their lower budget counterparts

AI driven optimization is most exciting trend

AI-driven cloud optimization is by far the most exciting trend in optimization for 2024, with 33.7% of respondents making that claim.

50% of SMBs don’t review cloud costs regularly

Over half of small businesses review and adjust cloud expenditure quarterly or less often, while larger businesses do so more regularly.

Kubernetes workloads identified as most costly

Containers and Kubernetes workloads were among the most expensive, followed by backend applications and Big Data.