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We’re Granulate

At Granulate, we work with the world’s leading brands to help them get the most out of their infrastructure. We are a team of technologists, innovators, builders, and performance experts changing the way companies approach optimization.
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Our Mission

We help companies achieve self-managing workloads. Our goal is to enable engineers, DevOps, and SRE to focus on iterating and improving their products while enjoying optimal infrastructure performance at the lowest possible cost.

We create seamless and frictionless products leveraging unique optimization and automation technology to help our customers improve efficiency.


The Team

Our team is what makes Granulate the company that it is today, and is the key driver to our success. We encourage our people to dare and think big, embrace complexity and overcome challenges. We work hard every day to ensure we bring value to our customers and partners, and assist them along their optimization journey.

Our Values

Granulate’s guiding principles


We work relentlessly to exceed customer expectations.

We love getting customer feedback.



We tackle big challenges to make an impact.

We value moving fast and taking action.

We take ownership.



We have strong opinions, loosely held.

We are open-minded and are always learning and improving.

Successes are always joint, we share credit.



We communicate directly and clearly regardless of hierarchy.

Our Investors

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