Optimize performance 
at the core

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Optimize performance 
at the core

Instantly optimize at the app-level for improved CPU utilization, job completion time, and latency. Up to 45% cost reduction— with no code changes.

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Why Intel Granulate?

Intel Granulate is engineered for cloud-native, on-prem and hybrid environments – providing significant cost reduction and performance optimization without any code changes. 

How Intel Granulate

Optimizes Autonomously

Optimizing for Speed, Scalability and Cost

Cost/Performance Sweet Spot

Activate Intel Granulate and immediately see improvements for throughput, response time, latency and other performance KPIs to reliably meet your SLAs and offer a stable, resilient and secure application.

“We deployed Granulate’s agent on Spark jobs using GCP Dataproc services and saw results upon activation. Our global time to completion improved, which led us to cost savings without infrastructure efforts or operational tuning of the cluster.”

Sombi Rakotoniary

Senior Data Engineer

“Because our new code gets seamlessly accelerated every day, we can develop more quickly, and this means our time to market is much faster”

Tal Babaioff

VP Mapping and Localization

“With better latency conditions and more efficient CPU utilization, we were able to get more out of our machines and cut Spark job completion time drastically [with Granulate]”.

Gal Porat

DevOps Manager at Salt Security

“Intel Granulate went above and beyond, achieving 58% average reduction in response time. It never occurred to us that we might improve performance so much. we were able to leverage these results into a cost reduction of 35%!”

Caleb Geene

Sr. Manager, Site Reliability Engineering