Dynamic filtering using ftrace

Dynamic ftrace filtering

If you’ve ever inspected a running Linux kernel, you probably heard of ftrace. It’s an amazing tool for tracing flows and events in the kernel, and it is very versatile - but what if it doesn’t support your use-case?

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DevOps for performance optimization

Evolving DevOps towards performance optimization

Exploring the evolving role of DevOps toward overcoming performance optimization

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Optimization Technologies To Reduce Carbon Footprint in Datacenters

Harnessing New Optimization Approaches to Impact Global Sustainability

The time is ripe for new optimization technologies to fill the power gap and to drive change for energy efficiency.

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Improve app performance

Linux Is Generic; Your Application Isn’t

Solving performance issues without architectural changes or code refactoring, using OS-level optimizations.

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Granulate Launches Real-Time Continuous Optimization Solution in AWS Marketplace

New offering designed to streamline deployment and improve time-to-value for customer

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Global Data Center Consumption

Is Data Center Optimization The Solution To Reducing Carbon Emissions?

IT infrastructure optimization can help companies reduce carbon footprint, improve sustainability, and keep costs down.

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Using epoll? Might wanna think about batching epoll_ctl

How we seamlessly reduce system-call overhead and improve performance of epoll based servers

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Covid-19. What History can Teach IT about Leading Through this Difficult Time

IT has become pivotal for any company looking to thrive in this era of “social distancing”. Reducing cloud costs quickly via the OS could be the solution to not only surviving, but possibly thriving.

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Granulate & Insight Partners

Granulate Raises Additional $12M to Improve Workload Performance and Reduce Infrastructure Costs

Joining forces with Insight Partners on our Series A which we will leverage to expand to new markets, reach more organizations and grow our incredible team.

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Cloud wars: a report from the frontline

2020 started with a bang for the four cloud giants. With the FTC looking into AWS, Microsoft winning the JEDI contract, Alibaba looking to expand and Google bent on outranking its rivals by 2023, it’s going to be an interesting year for the cloud compute market.

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Don’t Be Alarmed by Alert Fatigue

Alert fatigue is that awful disorder that desensitizes people to security warnings by overwhelming them with waves of information until…

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You Are Wasting Money On Your Cloud

With 80% of organizations predicted to overshoot their cloud IaaS budgets by 2020, it’s time to consider a new approach to cloud cost optimization, starting with the kernel and OS.

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Google Badging

Google is Implementing Speed Badging. Here’s What You Can Do

A fast internet experience has always been a priority for developers, but now Google is turning it into a business…

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A Case of a Broken Netconsole

How a kernel bug-fix caused an incompatibility of updated network drivers in older kernel versions — and how we solved it

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How CI/CD is Sidetracking Optimization, and What You Can Do About It

High-velocity code changes are making it impossible to optimize infrastructure. But not all is lost in the battle for improved performance.

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The Granulate Blog

Performance Optimization Tips from our Engineering Team

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