Real-time continuous optimization of data management operations

Continuously and securely optimize large-scale Databricks workloads to Improve job completion time and cut cloud infrastructure costs with no code changes required.

Supports all major CSPs

Accelerate data streaming. Reduce processing time.

Average Response
Time Reduction
Average Big Data
Cost Reduction
Code Changes

“With the implementation of Intel Granulate, American Airlines reduced the number of utilized nodes and got more headroom. This freed up the engineering teams to process and analyze data at the pace and scale that they needed. In short, data teams are now able to use Data Lake as the platform meant for it to be used.”

Vijay Premkumar, Sr. Manager of Cloud Innovation

From the session - American Airlines Optimization Journey around big data AI with Intel

Seamlessly reduce Databricks costs

Autonomous optimization to enable budget allocation to new data streams 
while continuously preventing wasted resources
Runtime Optimization

Improve job completion times, reduce CPU, and increase throughput, for faster job completion time and more efficient data processing

Dynamic Capacity Management

Cut costs, streamline governance, and optimize workloads through node and DBU reduction

Seamless Scaling

Whether you use fixed clusters or utilize Databricks autoscaling

Complete more Databricks jobs faster

Continuously adapt resources and runtime environments to application workload patterns

Spark Optimization

JVM Runtime

Memory Arenas

Compression & Serialization Acceleration

Improve performance, reduce costs

Intelligent resource allocation

Granulate’s solution tailors scheduling and prioritization decisions regarding CPU, locks, caches and memory to improve your application-specific infrastructure’s performance.

Easy and autonomous deployment

Granulate’s solution can be deployed with no code changes in minutes, leading to performance improvements, increased throughput and up to 45% cost savings on Databricks workloads in just days.

Enhanced dynamic autoscaling

The solution complements Databricks’ autoscaler by autonomously customizing each individual workload’s provisioned resources, improving performance and enabling engineering teams to process and analyze data at the pace and scale they need.

Get started in minutes


Quickly install Intel Granulate
 on your Databricks applications


Let Intel Granulate autonomously learn the data application and workloads


Activate Intel Granulate and immediately experience Databricks performance improvements and cost reduction

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