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Granulate for a Sustainable Cloud

Become part of a sustainable future, by measuring and reducing your cloud’s carbon footprint with workload optimization

Granulate for a Sustainable Cloud

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Why Enterprises Care About Cloud Sustainability

Revenue Impact

Consumers are increasingly seeking products that align with their values and are more loyal to companies that commit to sustainability.

Rising Energy Costs

Running a data center requires electricity to power servers and cooling systems and, as energy costs increase, it will be more expensive to maintain.

Government Regulations

There are a number of existing and upcoming regulations around the world compelling businesses to moderate their carbon emissions.

Achieve Sustainability Through Optimization

By optimizing cloud workloads to improve performance, fewer resources are wasted and businesses are able to reduce their carbon footprint.

Technology That
Makes a Difference

Granulate optimizes workload performance and reduces carbon footprint for the most resource intensive runtimes, like Ruby, Python, and more.

What Gets Measured,
Gets Managed

Granulate’s CO2 Savings Meter enables companies to measure the impact of workload optimization on carbon footprint alongside cost and resource reductions.

Our carbon footprint measurement calculations are based on Climatiq and complement initiatives by:

Calculate Your Footprint

Use the CO2 Savings Calculator to find out how much your business can reduce its carbon footprint and cloud costs with Granulate.

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