Granulate Security Overview

Granulate is listed in the AWS, Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure and Red Hat marketplaces and meets the stringent security standards required to be an Intel company.

Our Security Commitment


Granulate is built with security in mind and undergoes ongoing rigorous security testing


Granulate offers best-in-class data protection and settings that protect your infrastructure data


Granulate’s policies and products are compliant with GDPR privacy regulations

Commitment To The Highest Security Standards

Secure Operations

Secure Software Architecture

Secure Data Centers

Commitment To Highest Security Standards

Security Measures

Data Hosting & Storage

Permission & Authentication

Failover & Backups


Security Testing

Incident Response

Training & Awareness

Data Collected

Granulate Agent Collects Resources Data

Data Storage

Granulate offers two different types of deployment models: SaaS and On-Prem.

Data Transit

Data Encryption At Rest

Communication Exchange

Secure Communication Between Granulate Components

Types Of Communication

Security Certifications

Data Protection

Access Control

Monitoring & Audit Logging

Data Encryption

Data Retention

Business Continuity And High-Availability

Performance Improvements Guaranteed

Infrastructure Monitoring

Rolling Updates & Hot Fixes