Real-time continuous compute optimization

Intel Granulate empowers enterprises and digital 
native businesses with real-time, continuous application performance optimization and capacity management for any type of workload.
Reduce cloud and on-prem costs by up to 45%, with no code changes needed.

Enterprise-ready optimization built for your business

Intel Granulate is engineered for cloud-native, on-prem and hybrid environments - providing significant cost reduction and performance optimization without any code changes. 
Up to
Cost reduction
Reduced processing time
Increased throughput
Code changes

Autonomous, continuous workload optimization

Intel Granulate continuously optimizes on the runtime level to significantly improve performance and increase capacity in all compute environments.

Infrastructure agnostic

Intel Granulate provides out-of-the-box support for infrastructure on AWS, Azure and GCP.

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Real time continuous optimization

Intel Granulate learns your service’s data flows and processing patterns and automatically optimizes runtime level resource management, achieving massive performance gains.

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Hybrid & multi-cloud continuous optimization

Purpose-built for the enterprise cloud, Intel Granulate provides consistent infrastructure and optimization across hybrid and multi-cloud environments.
Single View

Across the ecosystem, cloud, hybrid
or multi-cloud environments.

Single Agent

Fully autonomous, out-of-the box support for hybrid and multi cloud environments.

Local Optimization

Contained performance optimization of each virtual server.

Auto Deployment

Seamlessly integrates with provisioning and IT automation tools across cloud and hybrid infrastructures.


Granulate continuously baselines and optimizes workload performance by adapting each machine to the load applied, keeping your application environment streamlined.

Slash costs on cloud migrations

Whether you are changing cloud provider, modernizing your architecture or updating the technological stack, Intel Granulate allows you to improve your workload performance and cut compute costs without R&D efforts or code refactoring.
  • Avoid the lift
    & shift risk
  • Prove cloud
    migration success
  • Enjoy microservices
    agility & performance
  • Reap the benefits of
    elastic environments

Avoid the lift
& shift risk

Avoid the lift & shift risk

Application-driven performance optimization that allows you to reduce the number of required machines and downsize machines sizes while migrating to cloud

Prove cloud
migration success

Prove cloud 
migration success

Avoid the pitfall of rising compute costs post-migration, leveraging Granulate improvement to reduce workload and machine size

Enjoy microservices
agility & performance

Enjoy microservices 
agility & performance

Microservices based on Kubernetes and containers provide better agility, but place a burden on performance due to additional overhead. Granulate continuously boosts performance by solving contentions and eliminating bottlenecks

Reap the benefits of
elastic environments

Reap the benefits of 
elastic environments

Native support for Elastic environment, continue scaling based on existing policies with significantly less compute resources

Simple cloud deployment with no maintenance or code changes required

Start optimizing coud environments in under 5 minutes
Easy installation

Simple cloud installation using a single command line, the rest is completely autonomous.

Every environment

Granulate supports all cloud native platforms and environments

No maintenance overhead

Fully autonomous application-driven performance optimization that requires no ongoing maintenance.

Quick time To value

Improved application performance and significant cost savings within days.

No code changes

Real-time application driven continuous optimizations of the operating system resource management without any code changes.

Every architecture, every environment

Operating Systems

Environments & Workloads

Provisioning Services

3 steps, one week for 
up to 45% cost reduction

01. Install - 15 minutes

Start a limited free trial of Intel Granulate

02. Evaluate - 1 week

Sit back and watch Intel Granulate autonomously learn the application and specific workload

03. Deploy - 15 minutes

Activate Intel Granulate and be amazed, start experiencing performance improvements you didn’t think were possible.

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“With Granulate, we were able to save hundreds of thousands of dollars on 
two of our clusters without any code changes”

Eli Zilbershtein,

Platform Group Team Leader