Automatically reduce your Kubernetes costs by up to 45%

Continuously orchestrate Kubernetes resources to fit the actual usage.

Capacity optimization that reduces costs and manual R&D efforts by enabling autonomous dynamic scaling, complementing HPA and rightsizing workloads and nodes.

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3 Easy Steps to Start

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Install by applying one easy deployment YAML
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Apply HPA, CPU and memory recommendations, manually or automatically
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Immediately reduce costs by up to 45%!

Eliminate HPA/VPA Limitations

Works with HPA, acting as an alternative to VPA, allowing companies to scale their Kubernetes pods, workloads and nodes.
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Hit the Kubernetes Cost Optimization Sweet Spot

Stop the Kubernetes guessing game and save costs while still meeting your SLAs with continuous, and even autonomous, tuning to your Deployments, Rollouts, ReplicaSets, Jobs, DaemonSets, and more.
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Eliminate over-provisioning

Automatically rightsize your workloads and pay only for what you use

Ensure optimal performance

Keep your competitive SLAs while reducing your Kubernetes cost without compromising performance metrics.

Gain full visibility into your K8s clusters

A simplified, end-to-end overview of your K8s objects: namespaces, deployments, containers, and more.
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Learn how you can save time, reduce your workloads’ costs and scale your infrastructure.

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