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Production Profiling,
Made Easy

An open-source, continuous profiler for production – across any environment, at any scale.

The must-have tool for performance and cost optimization

Continuous profiling enables any team to leverage cluster-wide profiling to investigate performance with minimal overhead.

By continuously analyzing code performance across your entire environment, you can optimize the most resource-consuming parts of your code, improve application performance, and reduce costs.

Within minutes of installing, we gained system-wide visibility into production that helped us identify a bottleneck that was hogging 20% of our CPU.
Oleg Rabin Core Team leader
Perception Point

Production Profiling,

Made Easy

What is Production Profiling?

Production profiling is a way to view and understand code-level performance to identify bottlenecks and map optimization opportunities. Profiling unveils inefficient hotspots in your code that hog critical resources, such as memory and CPU, resulting in higher infrastructure costs and sub-optimal performance.

Tech giants like Netflix and Google use production profiling to optimize performance and infrastructure costs.


Profile. Investigate. Optimize.


It takes minutes to deploy cluster-wide, with no code changes or deployment modifications.

Works for distributed environments, like Kubernetes, big data, and stream processing workloads

Our out-of-the-box broad language support provides a system-wide view into any environment.

From native stacks to proprietary code, we have you covered. All the Languages-Clojure, Scala, C/C++, Ruby, Java, Python, JS, PHP, Go

Gain complete visibility without SLA performance degradation.

Based on eBPF technology to assure less than 1% utilization penalty

Production Profiling,

Made Easy


Certified SOC 2 Compliant

We adhere to the highest standards of software security compliance, so you can rest assured that your organization’s data remains fully protected.

Why Continuous Profiling?

3 Step Process

01-_-Installation-e1634714430977 (1)
02-_-Profiling-e1634714452979 (1)
03-_-Optimization-e1634714474651 (2)

01 Installation

Install with a single command line and zero code changes

02 Profiling

Continuously profile your production code down to the last line of code, in any environment, to get the complete picture.

03 Optimization

Optimize performance by fixing, rolling back, or rewriting methods impacting performance to improve CPU utilization and reduce cluster size.


Always-on, continuous profiling

With our always-on approach, continuously sample the CPU, allowing you to investigate performance at any given time to

  • See the impact of version releases
  • Understand the performance impact of new features
  • Compare deployments and isolate performance issues

Cloud-based Interface

Includes a SAAS offering, displaying the profiling data in a variety of views.

Profile any timeframe at any granularity to get the most accurate view of your environment, pinpoint optimization opportunities, and improve application performance.


Open source and free

Commoditizing performance for all developers is fundamental to our mission; that’s why we’re committed to supporting and expanding the open-source repository over time.


Profiling is better together

Built as a collaboration tool to allow your entire team to investigate together.

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