Caleb Geene

Sr. Manager,Site Reliability Engineering

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“Granulate went above and beyond, achieving 58% average reduction in response time. It never occurred to us that we might improve performance so much that reducing cost was an option. But we were able to leverage these results into a cost reduction of 35%!”

Caleb Geene

Sr. Manager,Site Reliability Engineering

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"In less than a week, Granulate was able to improve our CPU utilization by 26% that ultimately led to more than 17% cost reduction on EC2. We liked that Granulate did not require any additional engineering efforts or resources. As we can continue to grow, we are looking forward to using granulate for further optimization of our resources and cost."

Zhibek Elemanova

Sr. Operations Engineer

"After implementing Granulate, we saw 50% memory reduction and 20% CPU reduction, which eventually translated to an 18% cost reduction as well. Looking into the future, we started with just optimizing one app. We started with one cluster on one region and then went on to install it on all the different regions. Looking forward, we’re going to install Granulate on the other apps that we have."

Uri Harduf

DevOps Group Manager

"At first, we deployed Granulate’s agent on one of our heaviest server - the machine learning server. After one week, we saw 20% decrease in instances count within the same latency. Results were immediate with one day of DevOps hours. So with Granulate we were able to achieve substantial cost reduction across our entire online ad serving stack with in 2 weeks of deployment."

Gil Shoshan

Sr. Software Developer

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