Real-time continuous Kubernetes & containers optimization

Autonomous, application-driven orchestrated
workload optimization

Improve Kubernetes performance at scale

Continuous runtime optimization and automatic pod resource rightsizing combine to eliminate over-provisioning and reduce costs
Up to
Cost reduction
Reduced response time
Increased throughput
Code changes

3 Steps, one week for up to 45% cost
 and performance optimization

1. Install- 15 minutes

Get started in just 15 minutes with a single command line and no code changes

2. Evaluate - 1 week

Sit back and watch Intel Granulate autonomously learn the application and specific workload

03. Deploy - 15 minutes

Activate Intel Granulate and start experiencing performance improvements on chosen clusters.

See how it works

Holistic container, pod
 application optimization

Technology stack

Intel Granulate automates Kubernetes optimization techniques across the 
cloud stack, with continuous performance improvements on the application level and real-time pod resource rightsizing.

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Real-time continuous optimization

Scalable optimization that it is flexible despite usage growth and fluctuations
Full-stack impact across runtime, Kubernetes, and infrastructure layers
Automatic with no need for engineering efforts or developer maintenance

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Easily deploy and optimize any environment

Native deployment of Intel Granulate based on DaemonSet, Docker image, or any other provisioning method in self-managed or managed services such as OpenShift, EKS, AKS, and GKE.
Simple installation

Deploy using a DaemonSet, Docker image or your CLI in less than a minute

No code changes

Continuous runtime resource optimization of running applications with no manual efforts

Multi-cluster customization

Easy to manage on multi-cluster environments with label-based customization

Quick time to value

Achieve better container or pod performance in days, reducing the amount of wasted resources

Zero maintenance

Fully automated, application-driven resource management optimization

Every architecture, every environment

Operating Systems

Environments & Workloads

Provisioning Services

Kubernetes and container environments

Intel Granulate seamlessly integrates with highly dynamic microservices environments. Integrating Intel Granulate to the CI/CD process ensures that every workload and microservice you deploy is automatically optimized.


Continuous automatic learning of microservices and containers with no code or image changes required.


Autonomous runtime resource optimization of running applications with no manual efforts.


Ensure applications/services are performing optimally in the context of end user experience.


Automated application of CPU and Memory request changes for continuous pod capacity optimization.

Kubernetes and container native application-driven optimization

Autonomous, continuous runtime optimization

Increase performance with reduced response time and improve throughput on every machine with real-time application-level optimization

Capacity optimization

Apply CPU and Memory request changes automatically to optimize autoscaling and keep your competitive SLAs

Minimize costs

When optimization benefits are used to eliminate cores, businesses are able to save 20-45% on compute costs