Granulate’s Performance Solution for AWS Advertising and Marketing

From programmatic to Big Data, top industry players get more from their infrastructure, for less

Operational Excellence With Granulate Optimization

Granulate, an Intel Company, empowers advertising and marketing applications with real-time, continuous performance optimization and capacity management for any type of workload, leading to faster response time and up to 45% in reduced cloud costs, with no code changes needed. 

Resiliency Through Seasonal Peaks

Gain a Competitive Advantage for RTB

Keep Strict SLAs With Improved Performance

Increase Throughput 5X, Reduce Latency By 40%

The Value of Performance Optimization in Advertising & Marketing

As an AWS for Advertising & Marketing Partner, Intel-Granulate understands the role that optimization plays in the cloud architecture of AdTech and MarTech businesses. 

Every microsecond counts, and the slightest performance improvement to RTB applications can make all the difference in the industry that depends on speed. Intel-Granulate’s suite of optimization solutions empowers companies to find a competitive edge in such a fast-paced ecosystem.

Optimization Solutions Ideal For Empowering 

Ad Platforms

Ad Intelligence & Measurement

Digital Customer Experience

Don’t Take Our Word For It, Hear From Our Advertising and Marketing Customers

Sharethrough on Optimizing EC2 and ECS instances on AWS with Granulate

Sharethrough was experiencing rapid growth and receiving 128 Billion impression requests per day and 1.6 million queries per second, so it was looking for ways to increase efficiency, minimize risk, and reduce instance costs. With Granulate, Sharethrough was able to:

  • Improve CPU Utilization by 26%
  • Reduce EC2 costs by 17%
  • In less than a week

IronSource and Optimizing Kubernetes on AWS with Granulate

IronSource needed to reduce cloud costs while continuing to improve latency and other business KPIs for its 100TB pipeline and 25B daily ad requests. After just one week with Granulate, IronSource was able to achieve a 20% decrease in instances count with one day of DevOps hours required.

See How It Works

AWS and Granulate, Stronger Together

Granulate was built with a focus on AWS integration and optimization, with the ability to optimize all of the most popular AWS computing services including Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2), Amazon Elastic Container Service (ECS), Amazon EKS, Amazon EMR, and more. 

Additionally, due to Granulate’s continuous and autonomous nature, DevOps teams are assured that any new update will have sufficient resources to perform at the expected level of latency and throughput, with a tightly managed budget.

“We are pleased to be working with the AWS Advertising & Marketing initiative to bring Granulate’s leading autonomous workload solution to even more customers globally. By employing Granulate on AWS, organizations can improve bid timeouts, handle seasonal peaks more efficiently, and reduce expenditures to improve margins.”

Asaf Ezra, Co-Founder & GM at Intel-Granulate

Granulate’s autonomous workload optimization solution continuously optimizes your service’s runtime resource management, enabling immediate application performance improvements and reducing infrastructure costs by up to 45% – with no code changes required.