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The Comprehensive Guide to AWS Cost Optimization

Jacob Simkovich

Brand and Content Manager, Intel Granulate

AWS is the leading Could Service Provider in the market because it offers a wide variety of efficient, scalable and high quality services. However, many AWS customers are missing out on major cost savings because they are not aware of optimization best practices.

AWS optimization guide

In this guide, you will find everything you need to know about optimizing AWS services, from the latest trends and best practices, to granular techniques for getting the most out of your ECS, EC2, EKS and EMR environments.

The AWS optimization guide includes the following, and more:

The State of AWS

Discover the trends that are influencing the cloud infrastructure market and how the AWS is matching up to the competition.

Getting to Know AWS Architecture

Learn the basics of AWS, from Performance to Reliability to Environmental Sustainability.

Optimizing ECS and EC2 Performance and Cost Efficiency

Access the 5 strategies to reduce EC2 costs that you can execute today for immediate savings.

AWS optimization guide

Optimizing EKS Environments

Dive deep into the 9 optimization strategies for Amazon EKS and discover how ironSource reduced their Kubernetes costs by 25% with autonomous optimization.

Cost Reduction for EMR Workloads

Find out how continuous, autonomous capacity optimization fits into your Big Data orchestration strategy.

Optimize application performance.

Save on cloud costs.

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