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How Granulate AL2023 Can Help AWS Users Double Their Applications’ Performance

Alon Roitman

Channels and Cloud Alliances Lead, Intel Granulate

AWS customers know that they’re receiving top notch service and the ability to scale their applications automatically and effortlessly. However, many are unaware that there’s a simple, cost-effective strategy for AWS users to double the performance of their applications with Granulate.

The Growing Challenge for Linux-Based Applications

Businesses are looking for any opportunity to reduce their costs, now more than ever. A primary focus for these companies is cloud infrastructure, as these systems are often inefficient and rarely optimized to perform at scale. Unfortunately, this situation is proving quite costly, in the area of millions of dollars for many enterprises. 

Despite these concerns, DevOps teams are using tools that are insufficient to resolve these inefficiencies, or worse, investing in no optimization tools at all. 

As of now, Linux, as a cloud computing operating system, leaves a lot of room for optimization. There are no dedicated Linux-based automated solutions accelerating cloud computing and optimizing resource allocation. 

Intel Granulate as an Autonomous, Continuous Optimization Solution for Linux

Granulate is a holistic solution that brings with it opportunities for optimization from:

  • Visualizing application utilization
  • Optimizing application performance on Linux
  • Kubernetes orchestration, pod rightsizing to combat over-provisioning

The Granulate solution begins by verifying the potential performance improvements of customer services, using the continuous profiler. This tool is offered freely and is open-sourced, and provides a picture of the status of application utilization and where it could be with the use of Granulate.

An open-source, continuous profiler for production – across any environment, at any scale.

With a single command, and no code changes, the AWS customer integrates the Granulate solution. Users can immediately see the significant improvements to their clusters’ performance, enabling them to do much more without increasing their pre-allocated services. 

Granulate’s unique technology, in concert with AWS, has already saved global companies countless hours of response time and dollars spent on compute:

Leverage improved performance to
get more from your infrastructure

Granulate AL2023: The AWS Built-In Solution For High Performance Linux

Granulate’s native AL2023 solution optimizes application performance and resource allocation using Linux. For the typical AWS customer, Granulate AL2023 increases services capabilities up to 250% without any budget or resource allocation increase.

The combination of AL2023 and Granulate offers DevOps teams with proven end-to-end reliability and security, suitable for even the most diligent enterprise IT leaders. Granulate’s technology is held to the highest security and privacy standards, being part of the Intel corporation.

Continuously orchestrate Kubernetes resources to fit the actual usage.

AL2023’s predictable release cadence and faster access to innovations emphasizes the need for Granulate’s solution. No matter what updates are made to the software, Granulate’s continuous optimization automatically improves the application’s performance. Any release of new innovation, software update or even any bug fixes, initiates a cycle of performance improvement and resource rightsizing by Granulate. 

Customers are assured that any new update has sufficient resources to perform in the expected level of latency and throughput, with a tightly managed budget.

Scale your AL2023 Solution with Granulate Continuous Cloud Optimization 

Download Granulate’s continuous profiler, an open source cluster-wide profiler that investigates your application performance with minimal overhead. 

Tap into Granulate’s capacity optimization solution to reduce Kubernetes costs by up to 45% with autonomous, continuous workload and pod rightsizing.

Read more on how you can use the Granulate solution for continuous and autonomous runtime optimization, to double your AWS applications’ performance, with minimal R&D efforts and no code changes.

Optimize application performance.

Save on cloud costs.

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