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Granulate and AWS Collaborate to Share Cost Optimization Best Practices in Berlin

Alon Roitman

Channels and Cloud Alliances Lead, Intel Granulate

With the current economic climate, companies are looking for ways to reduce their expenses while still maintaining the performance and scalability of their cloud infrastructure. With that in mind, Granulate and AWS recently hosted an Immersion Day workshop in Berlin to share best practices for cost and performance optimization on the cloud.

“There are two kinds of companies, those that work to try to charge more and those that work to charge less. We will be the second.” 

  • Jeff Bezoz, founder of Amazon and AWS

Both Granulate and AWS share the mission of customer obsession, continuously striving to provide the most value to their customers. For AWS customers who already follow best practices for optimization, Granulate offers a solution that provides value on top of any previous initiative. Granulate’s solution is based on runtime-level optimization that enhances business velocity by improving CPU utilization rates by an average of 45%, leading to significant cost reduction. As businesses grow and macro economic conditions change, it has become crystal clear that  optimization is not a one-time effort, but rather a process that requires ongoing adaptation through continuous automation.

Senior DevOps Engineer at HelloFresh, Josiah Adenegan, shared his experience adopting Granulate as an AWS user. He said that he easily deployed Granulate and within just a couple of days, he was able to show a 30% reduction in core count, which convinced others within his organization to move forward with the solution. He was especially impressed by how little engineering efforts were needed to provide results.

The workshop given by Granulate’s Director of Solution Engineering Omer Mesika, titled “From Continuous Profiling to Continuous Optimization,” focused on how to use Granulate’s continuous profiler like an expert, how to interpret flame graphs and how attendees can benefit from continuous profiling. He also spoke about how the combination of following AWS best practices, combined with Granulate’s real-time optimization and orchestration through capacity management, enables businesses to build a comprehensive optimization strategy. By optimizing all across the stack businesses can continuously improve their cloud infrastructure to adapt to changes in the runtime environment.

Now is the time for businesses to optimize their cloud infrastructure. With AWS and Granulate, there is a clear path to do so. By leveraging the best practices shared during the workshop, businesses can achieve cost optimization with minimal effort. The collaboration between Granulate and AWS underscores the importance of working together to create a more efficient and cost-effective cloud computing environment enabling more business to be done at lower costs. 

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