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Granulate Raises $30 Million Series B

Asaf Ezra

Co-Founder and GM, Intel Granulate

Adoption of Granulate’s computing optimization solution, which reduces infrastructure costs by up to 60%, has grown 360% since the company’s Series A just ten months ago

Tel Aviv, Israel, February 3rd, 2021- Granulate, a company providing an autonomous real-time computing workload optimization and cost reduction solution, announced a $30 million Series B funding round, bringing the company’s total amount raised to $45 million.

The round was led by Red Dot Capital Partners with the participation of existing investors Insight Partners, TLV Partners, and Hetz Ventures. Dawn Capital also joined the round as a new investor. The Series B is Granulate’s second round of funding over the past ten months, as adoption of the company’s solution has more than tripled since the Series A.

Rising computing costs are a growing problem for companies of all sizes and from every industry. Granulate addresses this problem with its AI-driven solution that tailors workload prioritization for the unique needs of any company, reducing response times by up to 40% and driving a 5X increase in throughput.

Functioning at the Operating System level, Granulate enables organizations to achieve at-scale workload performance, reducing costs by up to 60%. Designed to function in any computing infrastructure and environment, implementing Granulate is simple and fast, requiring zero code changes or R&D involvement, and results are seen within days, if not hours.

“Companies with increased computing resource needs have faced a simple trade-off – pay more or get by with less. Granulate lets companies do both: achieve much more with what they already have while paying less, gaining higher efficiency and margins,” said Asaf Ezra, Co-founder and CEO of Granulate. “In the wake of today’s challenging financial realities, we’ve seen a staggering increase in demand for our solution, which saves companies money, computing resources, and time. Optimized computing power means optimized business.”

Over the past 10 months, Granulate has experienced 360% new customer growth and 570% revenue growth, with the number of CPU cores under management rising by over 10X to over 300,000 cores. All told, Granulate has saved customers over 3 billion hours of core usage. Likewise, the rising adoption of Granulate’s optimization technology has led to a substantial reduction in computing energy needs, with over 15,000,000 pounds of carbon emissions saved.

“Granulate’s unique technology and impressive growth since their last funding round reflects a rising market demand for their game-changing optimization solution,” said Yaniv Stern, Managing Partner at Red Dot Capital Partners. “For companies facing rising infrastructure costs or focusing on operating cost reduction, Granulate offers a solution that can drive additional improvement regardless of any other solutions already deployed by their clients.”

“With the rapid adoption of usage-based public clouds, we’ve returned to a world – not unlike the mainframe era – where dramatic improvements in speed and efficiency of computing systems drop directly to the bottom line. This is particularly salient for companies that are rapidly digitizing their offerings in the midst of a global pandemic and the associated financial crisis, and this trend will continue far into the future,” said Lonne Jaffe, Managing Director at Insight Partners. “It’s hard to think of a company that won’t benefit from Granulate’s offering since it’s showing such significant performance and cost improvements across both.

sophisticated data and transactional workloads. Our increased investment is a testament to our excitement about Granulate’s market opportunity and momentum.”

About Granulate

Granulate is a real-time, autonomous computing optimization company that delivers reduced compute costs, faster response time, and better throughput, without any code changes required. Granulate’s patent-pending next-generation solution provides AI-driven, infrastructure and workload optimization for robust compute performance and cost improvements in any computing environment, empowering businesses of any size from any industry by bolstering their computing power while slashing computing costs. Companies that have implemented Granulate have reduced compute expenses by up to 60%, benefitting from a 40% response time reduction and 5X increase in throughput.

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