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Granulate’s Profiler Identifies Inefficiencies in Production Code

Asaf Ezra

Co-Founder and GM, Intel Granulate

Granulate’s new open-source platform enables organizations to run low-overhead, continuous profiling in production to identify bottlenecks, improve code quality, optimize performance and save on computing costs – both cloud and on-prem.

Granulate, a provider of autonomous real-time computing workload optimization and cost reduction solutions, today announced the release of its open-source platform, the continuous profiler, a production profiling solution that measures the performance of code in production applications to facilitate compute optimization. Granulate’s profiler empowers R&D and DevOps teams to maximize their applications’ performance, improve the quality of their code and reduce cloud costs – all with simple installation and no code changes.

Current profiling solutions require code changes and are either hard to use, resource-intensive, or expensive, creating significant challenges for the use of profiling in production, or forcing teams to use the solutions for limited durations. These challenges are amplified in modern environments and workloads which require continuous profiling data aggregated across the entire cluster with jobs across multiple batches – such as Kubernetes-based environments and Big-Data workloads.

The non-continuous nature of traditional profiling creates substantial visibility gaps, resulting in unidentified bottlenecks and inefficiencies, making it unsuitable for such environments. Granulate’s profiler overcomes these challenges by aggregating profiling data across multiple nodes and multiple application languages over any time frame, with no code changes or performance penalties. These new capabilities will enable development teams to identify and optimize performance bottlenecks more efficiently, in any environment.

The continuous profiler is based on internal tools created by Granulate’s R&D teams as part of the company’s real-time continuous optimization solution. Granulate has decided to open-source the product to support the community and accelerate industry awareness of computing inefficiencies that may otherwise go undetected.

“In this cloud-native age, code profiling is more important than ever for improving application performance, taming cloud costs, and increasing margins. The profiler is a very powerful tool that allows development teams to gain visibility and improve performance,” said Asaf Ezra, CEO of Granulate. “Due to complexity of implementation and performance overhead, many teams could not afford to utilize such tools, so we are releasing the Granulate continuous profiler to allow them to reap the benefits of a code profiler without having to make changes in their code. This is a major milestone in our effort to commoditize real-time continuous optimization in order to enable hyperscale performance and cost-efficiency for all.”

Granulate’s profiler provides several unique benefits for development and software engineers managing production applications:

  • Open-source: An open-source package for community use
  • Plug and play installation: Seamless installation without code changes and minimal effort
  • Immediate visibility:  Facilitates immediate visibility into production code – up and running in less than 5 minutes
  • Low overhead: Minimal performance overhead, less than 1% utilization penalty
  • Continuous: Designed to work continuously, facilitating effective analysis of performance issues in all environments, in real time
  • Wide coverage: Native support for Java, Go, Python, Scala, Clojure, and Kotlin applications. Support for Node.js, Ruby, and PHP planned by end of Q1

The continuous profiler is available as an open-source package from GitHub, or try the free public image in AWS, Azure, and GCP or a free container image in the Docker registry.

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