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$12M Raised to Improve Workload Performance and Reduce Infrastructure Costs

Asaf Ezra

Co-Founder and GM, Intel Granulate

TLDR: We’re excited and humbled to announce our Series A at a time like this. We’re looking forward to using these funds to reach more companies globally, helping them improve performance and cut compute costs during these challenging pandemic times and beyond.

Organizations are facing a growing performance optimization challenge. Companies invest heavily in their infrastructure but most operate at low utilization with high costs and untapped performance potential. This is usually due to the trade-off between high utilization with the risk of performance degradation and high infrastructure costs.

Our new approach unleashes untapped performance by tailoring the OS to the application needs, allowing both improved performance and reduced costs. With the recent economic challenges, businesses are struggling with their costs more than ever before and it has become crucial to optimize where possible and manage more with less.

We understand this need and plan to leverage this funding to reach companies around the globe and help them in making the (previously) impossible possible, improving performance and cutting costs in a quick and easy way.

Granulate’s unique technology finally provides a solution to the growing performance optimization challenge, enabling companies to utilize better, unleash the performance potential and reduce compute costs.  Granulate helped its customers achieve 60% compute cost reduction while reducing response time by 40%, thus improving QoS drastically. This is achieved by focusing on the OS and Kernel within each specific machine to unlock the performance benefits.

Operating systems were designed to be generic general-purpose systems designed for interactivity and fairness. By tailoring the OS to best suit the application business metrics we allow our customers to achieve their optimal results.

Our patent-pending real-time continuous optimization solution performs OS-level adaptations, improving scheduling and prioritization decisions to create a streamlined environment for the application.

Our revolutionary approach, tackling the cost and performance gap through the OS and kernel, makes Granulate agnostic to past cost reduction or performance improvement initiatives. It can be easily installed using a single command line, and deployments can start with a single VM without any code changes or R&D efforts.

Granulate can be installed on any Linux server, regardless of architecture or workload environment – Cloud, On-Prem, Multi/Hybrid-Cloud, Dockers, Kubernetes.

Scaling Up To Make A Different

It wasn’t just the funding that mattered, it was finding the right partners and experts to scale up together. Insight Partners has a long history of helping technology firms scale and make a big impact.

We believe that, jointly, we can reach and help more customers survive and hopefully even thrive during this tough economic period. Our focus with this investment will center around entering new geographies, tripling the workforce and expanding all departments from research and development (R&D) to sales and marketing. 

We will use the funds to expand globally, opening offices overseas. Part of our global expansion will include trusted channel partners, known for bringing innovative proven technologies to their customers. Their role in this economy is vital, namely, scouting new technologies to help their customers manage the current situation.

We’re excited and humbled to utilize our solution to aid their customers reach their cost reduction goals. We want to make sure we help organizations with their most pressing needs, not only overcome the current economic slowdown but hopefully even prosper.

Lastly, we will use the new funds to expand across all departments from sales and marketing to R&D. We are focused on scaling the extremely talented core team of performance experts while maintaining our unique culture. This will enable us to really make a difference. 

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