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Granulate acquired by Intel

Asaf Ezra

Co-Founder and GM, Intel Granulate

It’s been a month since we signed the deal to join Intel, and in the course of a few seconds, with just a few words, our journey has reached another milestone. From a windowless room where we sat with the founding team members hoping against hope we’re not wrong, to 130 employees worldwide and not even scratching the surface.

After almost 15 years, being teammates, roommates, traveling abroad, colleagues and, while starting Granulate, flatmates, Tal Saiag and I are privileged to start a new chapter, this time together with Intel Corporation, and I for one, can’t wait.

It is in these times, we get a chance to reflect, to really appreciate what it was that led to this moment.

Asaf Ezra on Intel's Acquisition of Granulate

And it’s hard to express how grateful I am to the partners who believed and supported us along the way, and guided us as we scaled – TLV PartnersHetz VenturesInsight PartnersRed Dot Capital PartnersDawn CapitalFort Ross Ventures.

To our friends at ICON – Israel Collaboration Network and Intel Ignite, for building and letting us be part of your amazing communities. To our customers, thank you for your trust and feedback and we commit to continue to deliver the best optimization solution out there and do whatever we can to keep ensuring your success and satisfaction.

And finally, the Granulate team, the people who made all of it possible. I’m humbled to be working alongside this amazing, creative and talented group. Every day I’m reminded how lucky I am to call you my colleagues and friends. I would love nothing more than to be able to say the same on the next big milestones ahead (🛎?)

To learn more about the acquisition, and what it means for customers, watch the video below featuring the keynote speakers at Intel Vision 2022 in Dallas, Texas — you can also read about it here.

This was originally posted on Granulate’s Co-founder and CEO, Asaf Ezra, LinkedIn. Read it here.

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