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The State of Cloud Optimization 2024: Reporting on Resource Efficiency and Trends in Compute

Jacob Simkovich

Brand and Content Manager, Intel Granulate

In an era where cloud computing forms the backbone of the digital world, understanding the trajectory of cloud optimization is crucial for businesses aiming to harness its full potential. The “State of Cloud Optimization 2024” report aims to provide insights to shed light on the evolving practices and perspectives that are shaping the future of cloud computing.

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Conducted across a range of industries, seniorities and job titles, the survey engaged 413 professionals, offering a comprehensive view of the current cloud optimization landscape. This comprehensive study unveils key findings that not only reflect the prevailing trends but also chart the course for future advancements in cloud optimization.

Key findings from the survey shed light on several important aspects of cloud optimization.

  • The high average importance rating of 7.29/10 for autonomous optimization tools indicates a strong demand for automation in cloud optimization efforts.
  • 1 in 10 respondents claim that their cloud optimization efforts are borderline nonexistent.
  • Over 50% of respondents reported not having a team dedicated to optimization.
  • AI-driven cloud optimization is by far the most exciting trend in optimization for 2024, with 33.7% of respondents making that claim.

The implications for the industry are clear. Organizations are keenly aware of the need to optimize their cloud usage, particularly in cost management. This underscores the importance of continued innovation in cloud optimization tools and practices, with a focus on automation and efficiency. 

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