Keep your Kubernetes and containers costs in check 

Reduce your Kubernetes costs by up to 45% with Intel Granulate’s suite of autonomous and continuous optimization solutions

Supported Platforms

Improved runtime performance to meet your KPIs

Eliminate over-provisioning

Apply pod resource rightsizing recommendations manually or leverage the Auto-Pilot for continuous and automatic improvements.

Optimize across the cloud stack

Gain holistic, multi-level performance improvements by combining autonomous runtime optimization and Kubernetes resources rightsizing

Full customization and 
visibility of clusters

Easily configure your pod capacity optimization to your application’s needs, whether per cluster or label, to discover CPU, memory and cost reduction opportunities.

Ensure optimal performance

Keep your competitive SLAs while reducing your Kubernetes costs without compromising resiliency, availability or stability

Deploy in minutes with 4 simple steps

  • 01.Install
  • 02.Receive
  • 03.Activate
  • 04.Achieve


Fast and easy deployment

Install with a single command line and no code changes.

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Discover optimization opportunities

Receive pod resource rightsizing recommendations based on your environment’s unique requirements

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Automate your rightsizing

Activate auto-pilot to apply CPU and Memory request changes for continuous pod capacity optimization.

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Reduce cloud costs

Achieve immediate cost reductions of up to 45%

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Optimized Autoscaling
Works with HPA (as an alternative to VPA) to scale K8s pods, workloads and nodes
Pod Resource Rightsizing
Determines the right value for CPU and memory requests of your application
How it works
Multi-Cluster Customization
Easy to manage on multi-cluster environments with label-based customization
Flexible Application
Works with all Kubernetes objects - Deployments, Rollouts, ReplicaSets, Jobs, DaemonSets, and more

Ready to see for yourself?

The reviews are in

“We saw a quick win in terms of cost reduction, with almost no R&D resources, when every other cost reduction approach required a lot of resources and disrupted the team from moving forward with the business plan.

Gil Shoshan

Sr. Software Developer

"After implementing Granulate, we saw 50% memory reduction and 20% CPU reduction, which eventually translated to an 18% cost reduction as well. Looking forward, we’re going to install Granulate on other apps that we have."

Uri Harduf

DevOps Group Manager

“After one week, we saw improvements in both CPU and throughput. Granulate did not require any additional engineering efforts or resources. we’re looking forward to using Granulate for further optimization of our resources”

Zhibek Elemanova

Sr. Operations Engineer

Held to Intel's security standards

Optimize application performance.

Save on cloud costs.