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Sharethrough Receives 156% ROI and 17% Cost Reduction with Granulate

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The Challenge

Infrastructure: ECS and EC2 on AWS

Sharethrough runs fully on AWS, and is leveraging services like ECS and EC2 instances. Their adserver has an application load balancer that routes traffic to different target groups in ECS and EC2.

Over the past year, Sharethrough had grown 4x, resulting in new highs of 128 billion impression requests per day and 1.6 million queries per second. Their customers depend on their technology to provide the fastest response times.

With Sharethrough’s rapid growth, Amazon EC2 spend had become an oversized expense. Any initiatives to lower cloud costs would need to be performanceneutral, allowing them to maintain the lowest possible latency to meet customer needs. So, they were looking for ways to increase efficiency and reduce overall instances cost, while minimizing risk.

After one week, we saw improvements in both CPU and throughput. We like that Granulate did not require any additional engineering efforts or resources. As we continue to grow, we’re looking forward to using Granulate for further optimization of our resources and costs.”
Zhibek Elemanova, Sr. Operations Engineer

The Results

Sharethrough was first introduced to Intel’s open source Continuous Profiler tool, to get an initial evaluation of CPU thresholds.

When Sharethrough realized the impressive performance optimization opportunity, they decided to deploy Intel Granulate on one of their ad server regions. After one week they saw improvements in both CPU and throughput.

Based on these results, they deployed the agent in all of their other regions.

In less than a week, Intel Granulate was able to improve Sharethrough’s CPU utilization by 26% that ultimately led to more than 17% cost reduction on EC2, without requiring any additional engineering efforts or resources.


17% EC2 Cost Reduction. Timeshift Measuring Intel Granulate Impacts


HQ: Montreal, Canada
Employees: 160+

Sharethrough provides a sustainable advertising ecosystem for journalists, content creators and app developers, connecting publishers and advertisers with true technology innovation
supporting all omnichannel formats including display, video & native, devices, and user experiences.

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