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How StartApp cut compute costs by 33% in just two weeks

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A leading global mobile data platform, StartApp reaches over 1.5 billion monthly active mobile users worldwide by partnering with more than 800,000 mobile applications. StartApp leverages the power of mobile data to explore user behavior and intent to reach targeted audiences on a global scale.

Granulate helped us reduce compute costs and cluster size while maintaining a stable quality of service. All, without any R&D efforts.
Motti Shpirer, Director of Operations

The Challenge

Following growth in the Asian market region, StartApp implemented a series of internal infrastructure changes to tackle rising compute costs. Startapp was looking to further reduce their compute spend without getting involved in expensive long-term R&D projects.

The Results

After a 24-hour learning process, the agents were activated with capabilities including thread scheduling and memory allocation. Granulate’s agents adapt to the latency breakdown, automatically re-prioritizing threads and taking into account each request’s processing stage.

Following Granulate’s activation on the entire cluster, StartApp achieved 30% reduction in average latency, 15% throughput increase and a 25% CPU utilization reduction. Since StartApp’s priority was to maximize cost reduction, they began by reducing cluster size and removing machines until reaching pre-Granulate’s SLA and achieved an astounding 33% compute cost reduction.

The following graphs show RPS, latency and CPU utilization where Granulate is blue, without Granulate is black.

Reduced CPU Utilization
Reduced Compute Cost
Reduced Latency

StartApp turned to Granulate's real-time continuous optimization solution to slash costs. Following a quick deployment of Granulate's solution, StartApp achieved dramatically improved performance while reducing compute costs by 33%.