Kubernetes cost optimization, Made Easy


Reduce your K8s costs by up to 60% with autonomous, continuous workload and pod rightsizing by gMaestro

Supported platforms
Azure Google Cloud AWS Kubernetes Openshift
Azure Google Cloud AWS Kubernetes Openshift

Eliminate over-provisioning

Automatically rightsize your workloads and pay only for what you use.

Gain full visibility into your K8s clusters

A simplified, end-to-end overview of your K8s objects: namespaces, deployments, containers, and more.

Ensure optimal performance

Keep your competitive SLAs while reducing your Kubernetes cost without compromising performance metrics.


Granulate is a leader in the cost optimization ecosystem.

“gMaestro enabled us to immediately and easily achieve over 25% cost reduction in our Kubernetes clusters”
Vivek Kumar
Technical Lead

We believe Kubernetes cost optimization should be easy

Install gMaestro with a single command line
Automatically apply HPA, CPU and Memory requests changes for Kubernetes cost optimization
Achieve immediate cost reductions of up to 60%


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