Solving The Growing Performance
Optimization Challenge ​

Real-Time Continuous Optimization

Why Granulate

Let The Infrastructure Work For Your Application

Cut Costs

Deliver better performance
with smaller cluster size, less
compute resources and lower
3rd party costs

Increase Performance

Reduce response time
and improve throughput
on every machine

Drive Efficiency

Eliminate risk
of performance degradation
and run the workload at high
utilization rates

Improve Stability

Handle peak traffic with less
variance and more predictability

Reduce Fatigue

Reduce alerts, monitoring
and malfunction
management overhead

How It Works

AI-Driven Infrastructure And Workload Optimization

Operating systems were designed to be generic general-purpose systems compromising performance for
interactivity and fairness. However, your production infrastructure is designed for specific, repetitive tasks at 
high performance and scale. Don’t settle for generic, off the shelf performance. Granulate performs low level
adaptations, creating a streamlined environment, tailoring your infrastructure to your application.

Learn Your Application
Specific Needs

Granulate’s agent automatically learns your application’s specific resource usage patterns and data flow. By analyzing CPU scheduling order, oversubscribed locks, memory, network and disk access patterns, the agent identifies contended resources, bottlenecks and prioritization opportunities.

Automatically and Continuously Optimize to Improve Performance

The intelligent agent tailors OS-level scheduling and prioritization decisions regarding CPU, locks, caches and memory accesses to improve an infrastructure’s application specific performance.

Reduce Cluster Size and Downsize Resources to Cut Costs

Granulate unleashes your infrastructure’s performance, drastically improving the quality of service. The improved performance allows you to reduce cluster size and downsize your machines slashing compute costs, while improving quality of service.

See How It Works​

Learn how Granulate helped Bigabid reduce costs by 60% while improving quality of service

“We achieved impressive improvements within seconds from installation without investing time and effort. Not only Granulate was able to eliminate 90% of our bid timeouts, we also managed to reduce compute costs by 60%”

Amit Attias, CTO, BigaBid

Key Features

Under The Hood


Custom thread scheduling, prioritized according to real-time application specific processing stages.


Optimized lockless network stack, enabling high throughput and extreme parallelism.


Efficient inter-process  communication through modern protocols and shared memory that 
results in lower overhead and increased throughput.


Intelligent connection pooling that eliminates establishment overhead without any changes to your application.


Autonomously crafted congestion control prioritizing between connections, adapting to the changing workload and network status.


Improved memory allocations and accesses based on analyzed usage patterns, tailored to your application.

Leverage Your Existing

Monitoring Tools

Continue using the tools you want. Granulate integrates and enhances your monitoring tools,
showing you the value delivered in your existing dashboards.

See For Yourself

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