Fast time to value. 
Zero code changes.

Improve application performance and reduce costs by
 up to 45% by optimizing runtime resource management at cloud and on-prem scale.

Improve runtime performance at the core

  • 01.Customized Learning
  • 02.Autonomous Optimization
  • 03.Improved Performance

01.Customized Learning

Smart & Automatic

Intel Granulate’s agent automatically learns your application’s specific resource usage patterns and data flow.

By analyzing CPU scheduling order, oversubscribed locks, memory, network and disk access patterns, the agent identifies contended resources, bottlenecks and prioritization opportunities.

02.Autonomous Optimization

Lean & Efficient

The agent tailors scheduling and prioritization decisions regarding CPU, locks, caches and memory accesses to improve an infrastructure’s application specific performance on Kubernetes and containerized environments, Big Data and stream processing, and custom applications.

03.Improved Performance

Fast & Low Cost

Intel Granulate unleashes your infrastructure’s performance, drastically improving the quality of service. The improved performance allows you to reduce cluster size and downsize your machines, which slashes compute costs.

Continuous on-prem and cloud optimization

Improved runtime performance to meet your KPIs

CPU Utilization

Intel Granulate autonomously optimizes at the core, on the application level, to improve the efficiency of runtimes.

By ensuring that CPU isn’t wasted DevOps and Data Engineers can continuously achieve peak performance and lower compute costs.

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Autonomous cloud optimization ensures lean and efficient runtimes, leading to enhanced performance.

Utilizing fewer resources and avoiding overprovisioning reduces response time and improves throughput.

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Autonomous cloud optimization works to reduce the time it take for applications to respond, effectively reducing latency.

The continuous nature of Intel Granulate’s runtime optimization improves stability and the ability to handle peak traffic with less variance and more predictability.

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Cost Reduction

By delivering better performance with smaller cluster size, fewer compute resources are needed, allowing organizations to lower their instance count.

When Intel Granulate’s runtime optimization benefits are used to eliminate cores, businesses are able to minimize their data center footprint and save 20-45% on compute costs.

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“We deployed Granulate’s agent on Spark jobs using GCP Dataproc services and saw results upon activation. Our global time to completion improved, which led us to cost savings without infrastructure efforts or operational 
tuning of the cluster”.

Sombi Rakotoniary

Senior Data Engineer

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Thread Scheduling
Tailored thread scheduling with prioritization
 based on the specific processing stages of 
real-time applications.
Lockless Networking
Enhanced lock-free network stack designed to achieve exceptional parallelism and maximize throughput.
Inter Process Communication
Streamlined inter-process communication leveraging contemporary protocols and shared memory, leading to reduced overhead and enhanced throughput.
The key features of runtime optimization
Connection Pooling
Intelligent connection pooling that eliminates establishment overhead without any changes to your application.
Congestion Control
Self-adaptive congestion control mechanism intelligently prioritizing connections based on 
the evolving workload and network status.
Memory Arenas
Improved memory allocations and accesses based on analyzed usage patterns, tailored to
your application.
Held to Intel's security standards

Optimize application performance.

Save on cloud costs.