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Intel Granulate and Databricks Team up to Optimize Data Management Operations

Alon Berger

Product Marketing Manager, Intel Granulate

If you’re using Databricks for your data management operations, then we have some exciting news for you. Intel Granulate and Databricks have come together to offer data teams a faster, more efficient and less costly way to manage data at scale.

Proud Member of Databricks Partner Program

Data engineering and DevOps teams can now continuously and securely optimize large-scale Databricks workloads and cut cloud infrastructure costs with no code changes. Under the agreement, Intel Granulate’s suite of autonomous optimization solutions will be merged with Databricks’ robust Data Intelligence Platform by joining the Databricks Partner Program.

The Databricks Platform represents a significant leap towards the performant future of Spark SQL. When combined with the unique orchestration and tuning abilities that Intel Granulate provides for analytics workloads, the performance and cost benefits for data engineers grow significantly.

Asaf Ezra, Co-Founder and GM at Intel Granulate

Seamlessly Reduce Big Data Costs

Capable of lowering Big Data costs by an average of 20% and reducing response times by an average of 35%, Intel Granulate stands at the forefront of autonomous, application-level performance enhancement, without requiring code changes or manual engineering effort. As a core product in Intel’s enterprise software portfolio, Intel Granulate consistently delivers visible results in just one to three weeks.

Databricks facilitates an open approach to data sharing, allowing teams to collaborate across platforms while securing and governing live data sets, models, dashboards, and notebooks. The Databricks Platform unifies data teams, streamlining data ingestion and management, and ensures that data lakes seamlessly manage all structured, semi-structured, and unstructured data. It also forms the foundation of Databricks’ native machine learning capabilities. 

Learn more about Intel Granulate Databricks Optimization here.

The Path Forward: Scalable Solutions for Modern Data Teams

Databricks’ Platform becomes even more budget friendly when paired with Intel Granulate’s runtime optimization and orchestration capabilities making data management and engineering more efficient while simultaneously reducing response times and ensuring users rapid, reliable and secure data applications.

Intel Granulate envisions a future where data management and sharing are not just open and collaborative but also characterized by unmatched performance and cost efficiency. This collaboration signals a step toward making this vision a tangible reality, combining Intel Granulate’s autonomous optimization capabilities with the open data management facilitated by the Databricks Platform.

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