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Continuously and securely optimize large-scale Databricks workloads to lower your DBUs Improve job completion time, and cut cloud infrastructure costs with no code changes required

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Runtime Optimization

Improve job completion times, reduce CPU, and increase throughput, for faster DBX jobs and more efficient data processing.

Dynamic Capacity Management

Cut costs, streamline governance, and optimize workloads through node and DBU reduction.

Seamless Scaling

Whether you use fixed clusters or utilize Databricks autoscaling, Granulate can optimize both.

Continuously Adapting Resources and Runtime Environments to Application Workload Patterns

Spark Optimization

Compression & Serialization Acceleration

Memory Arenas Optimization

JVM Runtime Optimization

Supports all cloud providers

Optimize Databricks processes with Granulate

Granulate's autonomous workload optimization solution continuously optimizes your service’s runtime resource management, enabling immediate application performance improvements and reducing infrastructure costs by up to 45% - with no code changes required.

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