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Real-time Optimization
Granulate Launches Real-time Optimization Platform
We're excited about the general availability of our real-time optimization platform for server workload performance and Granulate panel.
New Optimization Approaches
How optimizing your data center can positively impact global sustainability
Leveraging new optimization approaches in software to easily and cost-effectively reduce carbon footprint.
Linux blog
Linux Is Generic; Your Application Isn’t
A new approach for real-time continuous optimization enables organizations to leverage AI-driven infrastructure, suitable for running workloads.
Real-time Optimization
Granulate Launches in AWS Marketplace
The new globally available capability enables seamless procurement and deployment of Granulate’s product at AWS Marketplace.
epoll ctl
Using epoll? Might wanna think about batching epoll_ctl
I recently encountered several web-services spending more than a good deal of CPU time executing epoll system calls.
Reducing cloud costs
Covid-19. What History can Teach IT
Reducing cloud costs could be the solution to thriving and the operating system might be the best place to find that.
Granulate Raises $12M
$12M Raised to Improve Workload Performance and Reduce Infrastructure Costs
Granulate raised an additional $12M in efforts to provide a solution to achieve 60% compute cost reduction and improving performance.
cloud compute market
Cloud wars: a report from the frontline
Although AWS is holding onto its staggering first-mover advantage, the challengers are grabbing bigger pieces of this fast-growing pie.
alert fatigue
Don’t Be Alarmed by Alert Fatigue
Technologies are disrupting the alert fatigue disease by replacing monitoring and alerting with real-time, continuous optimization.
Wasting Money On Your Cloud
You Are Wasting Money On Your Cloud
80% of organizations are predicted to overshoot cloud IaaS budgets by 2020. It’s time to consider a new approach to cloud cost optimization.
google speed badging
How to manage Google’s Speed Badging
Granulate's continuous optimization solution increases both utilization and performance, solving the problem slow load time.
A Case of a Broken Netconsole
How a kernel bug-fix caused an incompatibility of updated network drivers in older kernel versions — and how we solved it.
Cloud Optimization
How to Prevent CI/CD from Sidetracking Optimization
High-velocity code changes are making it impossible to optimize infrastructure. But not all is lost in the battle for improved costs and...